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Please Restore the Ability to Create Stand-alone Differential and Incremental Backups

Created: 19 Aug 2014 | 3 comments
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Who was the genius who decided to remove the ability to create stand-alone differential or incremental backups in BackupExec?

Removing this critical functionally demonstrates the height of arrogance on the part of the developers. Deciding that some inexperienced users might inadvertently misuse a function, they decide to simply remove it for EVERYONE.

I’m backing up NDMP storage. The filer knows when that last DUMP 0 has been performed, I know which server has performed the backup and where that media is located. BackupExec does not.

Backup windows are a limited and precious resource, forcing me to run a duplicate full backup just so I can run a differential is an unreasonable burden. It also creates a condition where I risk losing data, because my software refuses to do what I tell it to do.

The definition quality under ISO 9000 is “Conformance to customer requirements”. What customer asked for this? I suspect none.

This was probably requested by tech support. Instead of trying to educate the users so they understand how to use their software, they decided to remove as many choices as possible, in the hope that that will lead fewer mistakes.

I don’t mind developers providing wizards and guides to help users avoid problems, (particularly if there is an option to turn them off). I’d even be happy having to unlock an “advanced” mode that exposes “adult” features. Just don’t take critical features away for everyone.

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I'm happy to report that we have not lost this capability, it exists in the product.

In the past, Backup Exec 2010 or earlier, this same functionality existed by having to use a backup selection list from a full job in order to create an incremental or differential job.  In Backup Exec 2012 or 2014, this is done by adding a stage to your full backup job.

The stages have independent scheduling, and you can create a stage for each NDMP level backup you want.

Hope that helps.

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Unfortunately, you can't run the differential until the parent "full" job has run, (from the same media server.) This also includes servers that have been upgraded after a full backup has run.

Running the diiferential will either trigger a FULL backup, or generate a "rule violation."

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I agree!  I am just getting started with 2014 and am shocked that this feature is missing.

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