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Created: 19 Mar 2013
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I create new policy, policy type -> oracle, schedules name -> Full (type of backup -> Automatic Full Backup) and other schedule name-> Default-Application-Backup (type of backup-> Application Backup).  The name policy ->Netbackup_Oracle_Full.

After that copy policy from ->Netbackup_Oracle_Full to new policy ->Netbackup_Oracle_Archivelog and than just only change schedule name to be ->Archivelog (type of backup -> Automatic Full Backup).

Why if  I run the policy name Netbackup_Oracle_Full in the activity monitor :

1. fist line correct policy name -> Netbackup_Oracle_Full and schedule name -> Full

2. second line wrong policy name -> Netbackup_Oracle_Archivelog and schedule name -> Default-Application_Backup.