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Printable list of servers in Backup Exec 2012

Created: 12 Jul 2013 | 5 comments
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My supervisor asked me to provide him with what I thought would be a simple report: "What servers are being backed up?" After poking around in Backup Exec without any success, I put in a call to Symantec for assistance. I told the technician that I wanted a simple report similar to what is shown in the "Servers" view of the Backup and Restore tab. The technician informed me that this was not possible in the version of Backup Exec but if I posted a suggestion for future enhancement of the product, it might be included in the next service pack - and so here I am, suggesting such a feature. I would be nice if there was some sort of control over what columns from that view are included in the report but even if it was just the names of the servers this would be an improvement.

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Hmm, I hate being negative, but in this case I feel I'm justified based on frequent recent experience with level 1 support from Symantec:

The rep doesn't know what he should. You do have to stretch out and use the command line. The reference document can be found at

I think the command you are looking for is:


You might want to tweak the formatting a bit or expand the column-width of your command prompt to get it to display right. But that should get you a text-only list of the servers shown in the console.

An example command might look like:

get-beagentserver | select Name,backupstatus

Further addition: The BE command line is found in the start menu in the same folder as the BE GUI. It does have pre-requisites such as powershell and .net 3.5, but the script i launches will detect if they are missing and offer to install them for you.

I'm going to assume (because I'm lazy) you know how to copy text out of a powershell window and paste it into a text editor. (it's not hard. Right-clicking is your friend) If you don't, I'm happy to expand on my answer on Monday, but it's time for me to head home, and I can't type out that instruction right now. :)

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Thanks for information. That works, although I would have preferred output from the GUI. Perhaps in a future version/service pack…

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...BE's reporting is pathetic at best. No idea why the reports haven't been overhauled completely. We turned to a 3rd party product to give us the level of reporting out of BE that we needed.

That said, having a custom report in BE to do this would really be a nice addition!

Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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Greetings all...

I've reached out to a member of my support team to contact you about this.

Also, you should check out this blog:  Alternative ways to access Official Backup Exec Technical Support It contains several different methods to directly contact my team of social media based Tech Support engineers.  They operate here in Connect, and many other venues as well.  This doesn't drop you into a queue, but rather connects you directly to the engineers.

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I've recently created this script which will help you to export a list of all servers managed by Backup Exec 2012:

How to export the list of all Backup Exec Remote Agent servers in Backup Exec 2012

In Backup Exec 2014 however it is much easier to do - you simply go to all servers group, select first server from the list, press shift button and select the last one, select Ctrl+C and then you can paste it to a file. If you want to have only the names of the servers you first hide other columns in the BE console and then copy those servers to a file.

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