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Provide better reporting for failed DA pst export job

Created: 02 Apr 2013
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on EV 10.0.0 a DA export may fail due to corrupt items that cannot be inserted in a PST.  For example if an item has more than the permitted number of outlook recipients (default 1500), outlook will fail to open the item and hence the DA export job will fail to finish the export job.  It changes the status of the export job to Failed.  There are 2 consequences:

  1. Even though the export job stays in “Failed” state,  however looking at the export location we are able to find the PST’s will all the successfully exported items minus the failed ones, which stay in a separate folder called Exchange\Failed.  Hence the “failed” status seems misleading, as it could mean the job failed at any point in the export, where in fact it finished the export and failed only the corrupt items.  It should say: “Finished with errors”. 
  2. The usual “Exported Items Report” is not generated (because the job never actually finishes and stays in “Failed” state).  However this is not correct, only corrupt items don’t finish, usually for a valid reason.  Hence the PST’s can be used, however are lacking a report showing how many items exported successfully, etc.
  3. It should also give more information on why some items failed, what items failed, etc., ideally in a “Failed Items Report”.