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Recommended report for missing original emails discovered by derived emails

Created: 19 May 2014 | 1 comment
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A report that shows a list of the derived emails that Clearwell identified as well as a list of the items that could be missing based on dates specified by the user for those derived emails.

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How would the system know that an email was "missing" as opposed to "never in the custodian's system to begin with"?

For example:  Alice sends an email to Bob.  Bob replies with history and copies Charles who works at a different company.  Charles is named as a custodian and his email is collected including the thread with Alice & Bob.  Alice's original message to Bob now shows as a derived message but it was never in Charles' email.

Yes, it's possible that the original is relevant and that you will have discovered a new source that needs to be subpoena'd but that should be a targeted request.  A bare list of all derived messages wouldn't help you identify the relevant ones from the many thousands of other emails and domains that will be routinely swept into any email collection.

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