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Regular Client users to find out what backup policy they are a member of

Created: 18 Apr 2014
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What we’d like to have is the ability for regular user accounts on a client host able to find out what policy is this client a member of?  In other words, the equivalent of this:

bppllist –byclient `bpclntcmd -gethostname`

But of course we want it to work from a regular client, and not require root.  I was thinking maybe enhance it as functionality added to the bpclntcmd command.  You can already query who your master is by issuing “bpclntcmd –pn” and seeing what server it contacts, so to me, this isn’t a radically different functionality.  Instead of only being able to find out who the master is and what version the master is running, I want the ability to find out what policies I belong to, if I were the non-root DBA user of a database host.  That would be the bare minimum of what we’d want to be able to see provided.  At least knowing that my host is subscribed to a backup policy at all is a big deal.

The additional capability of being able to see the details of that policy would be a bonus, but it is not essential.