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Report E-mail BACKUP EXEC 2012

Created: 11 Oct 2013
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In this momento, BE2012 can send messages at the end of the backup process with all the informations about it. The format of the file can be "HTML" or "PDF". I suggest to give the possibility to send also messages with "TXT" extention, because in my opinion, these files can be worked better with other platform. For example, at the moment I open the html file directly in BE2012, then i save it in TXT files. I did an asp page that read this file and extract the most important information that I am interested and then I do statistics about the process during the year. The problem is that, files PDF or HTML, are difficoult to be read and sometimes are no confortable and contain too much information that are not truly important at the end. With a simple TXT file, you can give to the customer the possibility to use the backup information in the best way he want, with the best results he want.

I hope you will read my suggestion, for to give the possibility at Backup Exec to became better for work af all.

Thank you for attention.