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Reviewing Discussion Emails and Single Emails

Created: 21 Dec 2012
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It would be useful to have a tab for single (non-Discussion) emails.

Currently, all documents (including all emails) are contained in the "Documents" tab and emails with replies/fwds are further listed in the "Discussions" tab...but not emails that are just sent out but not fwd'd or replied to.

So, while the "Discussions" tab is a great feature, in order to review non-Discussions email one still has to muck through ALL the emails in the "Documents" tab. One can deduce which emails weren't already reviewd in the "Discussions" tab by paying attention to whether or not there's a "Disccusion(X)" identifier in the "Detail" line...but this seems inefficeint and clumsy. 

There should be, perhaps next to the "Discussions" tab, a "Single Email" tab or something to that effect.

Ver., Fix 5, Windows Server 2008, Enterprise 64.