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SBE2012 Agent Compatibility for Solaris Systems

Created: 01 May 2014
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Beginning with SBE2012, Symantec stopped providing support for the Agent on SunOS Solaris systems. Here at General Dynamics Information Technology in colaboration with the Government and US Navy contracts, SunOS Solaris servers are still a favorite for database hosting which require backing up of important data. When end-of-life occurs for SBE2010 in 2017, we will be forced to look elsewhere for backup solutions as long as we are still using and maintaining the Solaris servers.  If you want to retain doing business with our office, we highly suggest that you incorporate support for SBE2012 Agent with the SunOS Solaris systems.  It just makes good business sense, especially when your customers (us) have a lot invested in our hardware. It is cheaper to look for backup alternatives rather than purchasing servers that are compatible with software solutions.