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Sort checks if the SFRAC Oracle libraries links are in place.

Created: 06 Jan 2014 • Updated: 13 Jan 2014 | 3 comments
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Status: In Review

Check procedure

Check status

Verifies the presence of Oracle provided libraries -­‐ libskgxn, libskgxp (Oracle 10g only), and libodm.

Checks whether these libraries are linked with Symantec-­‐ provided libraries.

This should be changed because when running the installer in SFRAC it copies the binaries from /opt/VRTSodm/lib, /opt/ORCLcluster/lib/ and /opt/ORCLcluster/lib/ (oracle 10g) into the $oraclehome directory. Thus the risk assesment shows this as failed because it cannot find the link.

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Hello Phillip,

It seems you are pointing out a use case when the SFRAC Oracle Libraries Risk Assessment check may show a false negative. Can you provide more information about the use case and about the problem you'd like to see addressed?  Alternatively, do you have a report number that shows the incorrect status?  Once I have that information, I can ask enginering to review and correct the issue.

Thank you.


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Hello Jeff

Here is the link to one of the sort reports on AIX:

Failed Checks if Oracle libraries are properly linked.

Symantec mandates that on Storage Foundation for Oracle RAC (SFRAC), Oracle-provided libraries libskgxn, libskgxp (Oracle 10g only), and libodm should be linked with Symantec-provided libraries.This is required to integrate SFRAC with Oracle RAC.

The libraries are not linked but the Symantec version has been copied into the Oracle home directory.

This was done by running the SFRAC installer.

Verified this using chksum.



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From the sfrac_install_60_aix manual the installer does not link the libraries but copies them, see below.

To relink Oracle RAC 9i or Oracle RAC 10g Release 1

  1. 1  Remove the unused modules in the kernel and library memory:

    # slibclean

  2. 2  Replace the Oracle libskgxp libraries with the corresponding Veritas libraries:

    • For Oracle RAC 10g Release 1:

      $ cp /opt/VRTSvcs/rac/lib/libskgxp10_ver23_64.a \ $ORACLE_HOME/lib/libskgxp10.a

      $ cd $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/lib
      $ make -f ioracle

    • For Oracle RAC 9i:
      $ cp /opt/VRTSvcs/rac/lib/libskgxp10_ver24_64.a \

      $ORACLE_HOME/lib/libskgxp9.a $ cd $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/lib

      $ make -f ioracle

  3. 3  Create a soft link for the libodm library as follows:

    • For Oracle RAC 10g Release 1:

      $ cp /opt/VRTSodm/lib/ \ $ORACLE_HOME/lib/

    • For Oracle RAC 9i:
      $ cp /opt/VRTSodm/lib/ \


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