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Speed Restriction Failure in Desktop Laptop Option - BE 2010 R2

Created: 31 Oct 2011
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I have an issue where by when users are backing up their PSTs the speed restrictions in place for all other files are ignored and the file backup will use all of the available bandwidth. In some cases this is knocking sites off our WAN.

I have called Symantec Support and they have told me that it is "by design" and "that's the way it is supposed to work."

I am running the latest patched and version of the BE and DLO products but this has made no difference. I have been told by a Senior Support Analyst that the issue will be address during a re write of the BE and DLO programs but he could not tell me when this would be. So I am stuck with a product that does not do what I was specifically told it would do.

Any help would be very much appreciated.