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Created: 27 Feb 2014
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We propose to add a new option in the "Enterprise Vault PST Migration Wizard" as follows:

  • Which folder in the mailbox do you want to put emails present on the root of the PST (not in subfolders)?
  1. In the Inbox
  2. This folder under the root folder : [__________]

Limitation encountered:

We have imported several PSTs into EV 9.0.1 containing emails in the "root" of the PSTs (not in a subfolder). In Outlook, we were not able to find any email that was on the PST Root even if the import process terminated successfully. The client is using Outlook 2010.

When doing a search through archive explorer (web form), we can find them but they are located in folder "" (which should be the top level folder), but in Outlook 2010 we are not able to see them.

Tech support told us that the emails were imported into the archive but the shortcut was not created in Outlook since nothing can be writen into the Root of the Exchange mailbox.

We would be expecting that emails in the "root" of the PSTs would go into the Inbox folder if we are not given the choice where to put them.

Thank you.