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Support for CentOS

Created: 07 May 2013
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I am fed up with symantec saying,

"Please check the OS, Software and Hardware Compatibility Guide before trying to install BE."

when you have an issue with CentOS and BE.  We pay thousands of dollars a year for SUPPORT on this product and you keep telling me it's not supported.   Then refund my support money!

Anyone with half a brain and has ever touched a linux distro will tell you that CentOS is a direct binary clone of RHEL. PERIOD - END OF STORY.  There is no reason on earth that you cannot support CentOS when you support RHEL.  It's corporate greed and red tape.  That's all it can be.

Symantec, get on the ball!  You need to be faster at supporting newer versions too.  People that have to remain HIIPA and PIIPA compliant have to run the latest patches and this most certainly includes the OS.