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Synchronize and Expand Available Delimiters in Export Dialog Picklists

Created: 19 Apr 2012
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In the export dialog (at least as of 7.0), Text Qualifer and multi-value delimiters are currently limited to:

þ (254)

' (39)

" (34)

| (124)

\ (92)

It would be helpful to at least match these lists to the Field Delimiter list.  It is not uncommon to use carat (94) characters as text qualifiers, with pipes serving as field delimiters.  Also, for multi-value fields, the semi-colon is an accepted delimiter for internal values.  Indeed, the semi-colon is listed as the common internal delimiter for multi-value fields in the Clearwell Loadfile Import Guide.

It would be most helpful to have a "user specified" option in the event an export load file needs to be generated using a delimiter not in any of the lists.