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Too slow to display server objects that can be backed up

Created: 02 Dec 2012
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I've notice since upgrading that when I choose to create a new backup job or edit an existing job that the window that displays the backup selection repopulates each time rather than relies on a cached version and can add anywhere up to 10 minutes to the time it takes to create or edit a job. Surely the objects on a server that can be backed up. i.e. drives and services such as Exchange and SharePoint don't change that frequently and could be displayed from a cached version create after the first inspection of a server, this would dramatically improved the time it takes to make modifications to a backup job and even a new job if a job has been created in the past. If the objects do need to be updated, i.e. new drives or services have been added to a specific server the end user could just press a refresh button to rebuild the cached selection. At present when I need to edit my backup jobs of which I have 7, it can take me anywhere up to 3 to 4 hours to make the modifications, far too long and has not made using the 2012 version of Backup Exec most unenjoyable.

I have attached an image which shows what I am talking about.