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Training vouchers and Symantec software as rewards

Created: 23 May 2009 • Updated: 21 May 2012 | 7 comments
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Status: Partially Implemented

I would like to get training vouchers and or Symantec software etc for my reward points.

Many of the frequent connect visitors would like to get training and trading in reward points would be very helpfull.
Same for software.
trading in points to get Symantec software and merchandise would also be very interesting.

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Great suggestion, Erik! I'm moving this to the Symantec Connect ideas section since that's where most people will probably look for this kind of idea.  I'll also talk to our training department to see if we can work out a way to allow you to use your points for training rewards.

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Not only for me Peter,
I give a lot of training and not only in the netherlands but over the whole world.
Probably in August i will do three times a two day SWV packaging training in the US.

So look if this is an oppertunity for everybody.

Regards Erik Dinamiqs is the home of VirtualStorm (

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The inputs / solutions / suggestions given by the forum users are considered to be domain expert and hence his inputs would be vauled.

Hence getting training into the same subject is not going to give any value add to the individual, except if he chooses to transfer the vouchers.

Software - Is a license product and really have to give a worth thought on distributing it for free and also we have trail version and hence I dont' see this going to be a gain share for any one of us.

Anyways do not want to sound negative however these are my thoughts around this particular "Idea"


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2 thumbs up fro erikw for bringing the idea of redeeming points for training.

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Personally I find this idea quite interesting.

One may think that many sys admins of high end systems know what they are doing, but to my knowledge, training and access to software licences, be they trial or special evaluation or whatever you want to name it, is definetly a big bonus for two main reasons:

1.- You expand your knowledge on any symantec product you may use, or are considering to use or deply on your network.

2.- You get first hand experience on installation, management, deployment cross platform, and troubleshooting/solving know-how which you otherwise migth not have or get.

But above all, because you can never discount murphy's law:

When you think you know everything about a software, it will come back and bite you with something you didnt know, have never experienced, or have never been forced to deal with due to X,Y, or Z unforseen circumstance.

Sometimes it will be a patch gone bad, a hardware driver incompatibility, or simply windows gone berserk.

Sometime, somewhere, somehow, software will bite you back, and this oportunity to further knowledge and obtain first hand administration experience through software traded for points will make those bites go from the excruciatingly painfull experience, to a mere "love" bite.

In sum: 2 Thumbs up for the idea

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Rob Muller's picture

I really like this community, and the website and how great it is for answering my questions. But that's the thing, I'm very inexperienced and not knowledgable at all in Symantec products. Not to mention the fact that I only have Backup Exec 11d. Eventualy I'm going to want to upgrade. It would be a huge motivator to me to do more with this site if I knew there was a chance I could get a discount on an upgrade for my software, or a discount on another piece of symantec software, or training on the products.

Think about it. You may have an expert in here on SEP, but maybe he doesn't know a lot about BE. The training reward would be great for him, and great for Symantec. They'd be getting another expert on this site, AND another loyal client.

If giving away the software is too much, maybe giving a 'symantec gift card' is a good idea. After all, Symantec products are the WHOLE reason we are here.

Backup Exec 11d
Version 11.0 Rev. 6235
Windows SBS 2003 SP2
Dell Server P2600

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This scheme clearly will work great for both symantec and those who could do with a bit of brushing up on other areas like BE or SEP. The vouchers will act as a great incentive and help everyone in the long run.

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