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Upgrade the SEP client version from GUP server.

Created: 03 Jul 2012 | 4 comments
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Symantec Release new version after every 3 month and also its size is increasing. For big network it is not easy to upgrade client every three month.

So if Symantec add this feature in GUP to upgrade rest of the client it will help a lot to upgrade the clients to latest version.

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A good idea. Until it gets changed, I use the feature to download the installation from the GUP server using HTTP.

I have one for 32 and 64 bit. This is a luxury that not all may be able to setup, but it works for me - at least until they can get this thing fixed.

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This link will guide you to how to deploy the client package on remote location


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SEP Should not depend on WEBSERVER

Symantec Should give this feature in their own product.

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While the original request of this thread is valid, you have to remember that there will be certain reason not to do this, such as

  • In large corporate environments (i.e. SEP target clients) there often is another method to distribute / install software, such as Altiris or Microsoft Config Manager to name the two obvious choices
  • HTTP is a well understood protocol, i.e. lots of developers know how to use it.
  • HTTP is allowed through most firewalls
  • AV definitions distributed by the GUP are made available via HTTP
  • If necessary, HTTP can be throttled at the server
  • HTTP is a common client. See developers point above
  • Why waste developer time writing a custom solution rather than using industry standards?

As you can see, a lot of reason why to use an external web server (as one option of several).

Please clarify why you say Symantec should build this feature into their own product.

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