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Upgrading WINFAX PRO, TO WORK WITH WINDOWS 7, 8 and Server 2012

Created: 20 Dec 2013 | 6 comments
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this is about WinFax Pro.  It's a great piece of software in of used it since 1993 under another company called derina WinFax

I think this is a great piece of software and I think it is very Shameful that you guys let it go to the side of the road and didn't do anything with it

this is an everyday life of what I do with faxing and receiving faxes to the computer in its good at keeping track of all my files.  I was sadly disappointed when you did not upgraded into Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8.  I think it is time now that you stop paying so much attention to Norton's Internet security and work on your other fine products like this one

Yes, it's time for a rebirth a rebirth open fax Pro for Windows 8 and seven Vista to this is such a great program that only can you fax from a standard fax modem, but you can also use your cell phone to send and receive faxes in can I find a landline

I use my Samsung I 760 through my laptop in use the software.  That way, but I wish it was more compatible with more other cell phones

This is why use need to update this software for that the business world would know that it still exists in that you guys are out there pulling for

Yeah, there's other companies that make faxing software, but the not as good as this one.  There's a company called fax talk very similar but not quite the same, and they don't have the graphic resolution as you do when , sending off Fax

so come on what he is waiting for bring the program back to life.  It hadn't been done with anything in 10 years now and now I think it's time for rebirth, the WinFax Pro

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I strongly agree with AC4041

Please come out with a new WINFAX PRO for Windows 8

I'm still using Win XP bec of this WINFAX software

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I still use this product everyday several times a day but now I need to move on because Windows XP will not be with us much longerI am really mad at Semitic for not supporting this program it makes me never want to buy any of their software products ever again I am sure there must be thousands of people who feel the same wayif I were to shine on my customers the way they have done to all of us I wouldn't have a business

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you realize that symantec discontinued winfax about 10 years ago? a little late...but Windows XP is still working for those who need to continue to use Winfax!  I also have Faxtalk on my Windows 7 PC and it is very good, but as posted here the graphics for faxes with photos is not as nice as winfax because there is no "photo quality" printer driver included but you can adjust the halftoning settings from the printer properties and this can give better results if your fax includes photos, otherwise there is not much difference. the information is posted on the web site.

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I agree with all of the opionions expressed above. I have continued to use Win Fax Pro 10 for several years and have been extremely satisfied with it.  I has allowed me to receive thousands of faxes on my XP computer.  This program has saved me reams of paper and pounds of toner.  It allows me to print the faxes I need to print, delete the junk advertising faxes I don't want and archive the ones I want to save.  It saves my small company the money I would have to pay to an online fax service.

In the type of business I am in, I have to send and receive personally identifiable financial and legal information regarding my clients.  E-mail communications and online fax services are not considered secure enough since E-mail servers can be hacked.  Faxing such information to a pre-cleared secure fax machine / server is the answer to this issue.

I have never understood why Symantec threw such a useful product in the digital trash bin.

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I believe that there actually  IS  a WinFax Pro for Windows 7 and 8.

Take a look at Fax Talk: .

It seems to be meant for people like us who love WinFax.

It is a new product, but they say it is designed to work, look and feel like WinFax.

I have NOT tried it - I still live in the Windows XP world - where my clients are.

But it does look promising.

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no, FaxTalk is a competing product and is not related or associated with WinFax, never was, and it is not new software, they've been around for many many years!  reseller has been selling FaxTalk since the introduction of Windows Vista.

Also, its unlikely Symantec will resurrect WinFax and it is interesting to note that Symantec let the WinFax trademark name expire.  It was just registered to a different fax company called "FaxBack" just a few months ago. These guys used to sell network fax software that used WinFax as a fax client. Maybe these guys at FaxBack are working on a new WinFax?

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