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Users/Groups for SEP

Created: 23 Aug 2011
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Hello there,

if you are using SEP in a bigger environment where you have some instances of managing SEP throughout different departments it could be nice to have profiles or roles based on Groups.

So having 4 Regions where you have the infrastructure responsible, beside a helpdesk and some regional responsible you have to create currently a user and change for all groups the permissions etc. If something will change you have to do it again and a user copy functions isnt given so far.

If there would be a group with the right permissions for example America - Operations you just have to create users and move them into groups. Such feature would make SEP a bit more flexible for the user administration.

I hope its clear to what Im refering.

So a copy feature would be great beside a structuring in groups. In addition the use a Directory could establish a concept of import user/groups of a domain forrest, that even usermanagement workflow systems can be used instead of manual interactions.

cheers! toby