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Utility to disable and enable all policies

Created: 23 Jun 2013 | 1 comment
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Since any manipulation with NBU software binaries requires admins to disable policies to prevent backups from running, it could be handy if there will be utility for doing this task. The reason behind it:

- There are environment with hundreds of policies, using NBU console for disabling policies could be just slow

- In most environments requirement is not only disable active policies but also keep track of already disabled policies, so they are not accidentally enabled after manipulations, thus reducing risk of human error

- Dedicated utility can be used in scripts/automation tools

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Talk with your SE/BCE about getting copies of the "Guided Method Tools". The one you want is called "". Yes, it'd be nice if this was built-in or otherwise provided though.

$ ./ -help

The default behavior is to discover all policies, and their current state.
This information is placed in a file (in this directory),
and any active policy will be deactivated.

Any DSSU's are modified to exclude todays date (if necessary), and any active
SLP policies will be deactivated.

Once the upgrade is complete, rerun with the -reactivate switch, and any policies
that are found in the file to have been active will be reactivated
DSSU's will have the date exclusion removed, and all SLP's that were deactivated
will be reactivated.

switches: [-deactivate] | [-reactivate]
          Specify -deactivate prior to upgrade, do not delete the file
          Specify -reactivate once upgrade is done, and policies can be re-activated

- "Your backups are only as good as your restores."

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