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VCS Oracle Concurrent Manager agent to manage Output Post processor

Created: 19 Jul 2011 • Updated: 07 Aug 2011 | 2 comments
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Status: On Roadmap
Case ID: 405-039-028
Symantec TSE advised me to submit a Product Enhancement Request:

Tech/Assist findings:
Oracle e-Business Concurrent Manager supports only the following types concurrent managers.
- Marketing Data Mining Manager
- Transportation Manager
- Session History Cleanup
- UWQ Worklist Items Release for Crashed session
- Collections Manager
- OAM Metrics Collection Manager
- Contracts Core Concurrent Manager
- Standard Manager
- WMS Task Archiving Manager
- Oracle Provisioning Manager
The reason being Is the base processes for a concurrent manager FNDLIBR and FNDSM In Veritas HA Agent Oracle e-Business Concurrent Manager only manages the above types of concurrent manager and not Output post processor. The VCS Agent for Oracle e-Business Concurrent manger is not specific to any particular module/manager. Its uses the oracle provided script “” to start/stop/detail-monitor the concurrent managers. For process monitoring the agent uses the ProcMon agent attribute. This attribute takes the ShortName of concurrent manager to be monitored.
For Output post processor CM, the ProcMon agent attribute should contain “FNDCPOPP” along with others. $ more
type OracleAppsCM (
        static str AgentDirectory = "/opt/VRTSagents/ha/bin/OracleAppsCM"
        static str AgentFile = "/opt/VRTSvcs/bin/Script50Agent"
        static str EPPriority = "%-1"
        static str EPClass = "%-1"
        static str OnlinePriority = "%-1"
        static str OnlineClass = "%-1"
        static int OfflineTimeout = 600
        static str ArgList[] = { ResLogLevel, State, IState, User, OracleHome, ScriptHome, SQLDIR, EnvFile, DB_USER, DB_Password, VirtualHostname, SecondLevelMonitor, MonitorProgram, ProcMon, ProcClean }
        static int ContainerOpts{} = { RunInContainer=1, PassCInfo=0 }
        static boolean AEPTimeout = 1
        str ResLogLevel = INFO
        str User
        str OracleHome
        str ScriptHome
        str SQLDIR
        str EnvFile
        str DB_USER
        str DB_Password
        str VirtualHostname
        int SecondLevelMonitor
        str MonitorProgram
        str ProcMon[] = { FNDLIBR, FNDSM }   <<<<<<< " the ProcMon agent attribute should contain “FNDCPOPP” along with others. "
        str ProcClean[]Comment from other case: For Output post processor CM, the ProcMon agent attribute should contain “FNDCPOPP” along with others. So it looks like as delivered, the agent does not suport OPP.

Please assist to get OPP to work in VCS with Oracle Concurrent Manager agents.

Thank you.

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The OracleAppsCM does monitor the processes given in the ProcMon attribute. You can register FNDCPOPP process to be monitored along with other processes.

If this question is about virtualizing the OPP, Symantec is providing this enhancement as part of the AgentPack 3Q2011 release.

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Actually FNDCPOPP process does not stay online through out. So you may not want it to be monitored if doesn't stay running all the time.

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