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VCS response file and how CPI treats hostnames for LLT configuration

Created: 25 Jul 2011 • Updated: 04 Aug 2011 | 2 comments
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I use the response file when developing our cluster solution which is installed on customer sites as an automated installation.

So I have a response file template which got created initially by doing an installvcs -makeresponsefile.  This file uses variables which populate the response file during a customer installation. The installation then kicks off.

There is one issue with the response file which is to do with the vcs_lltlink entries in teh response file. The hostname attribute gets added differently, depending on what type of string the hostname uses.

For example, if the hostname includes a hyphen (hostname-01), the CPI will create the response file for LLT as follows:


It uses quotes for "hostname-01"!

If the hostname does not include a hyphen, the CPI will create the response file for LLT as follows:


From what I gather (info gathered from Symantec Documentation and also from a Symantec Technical Support Engineer) the LLT entry should always contain quotes.  But yet the CPI does not use quotes for a string without hyphens as per the example just given.

The response file can be a very useful tool for us where we can automate installations of VCS and integrate it into our own products.

Our response file template will have the following LLT entry:


It will only work on customer sites where the hostname is a non-hyphen one. The install fails as shown below:

root@hostname-01> ./installvcs -responsefile /ericsson/hacs/etc/vcs_resp_file

CPI ERROR V-0-40-2223 vcs_lltlink1 is not configured for system hostname-01

So our VCS installation work fine for all non-hyphened hostnames but does not work for hyphened ones. This is very limiting but we can change our script in teh future so that the HACS_MASTER and HACS_MATE variables contain quotes.

So since quotes also work fine for non-hyphened hostnames :


I would suggest that the CPI scripts are changed to ALWAYS contain quotes for these entries when the -makeresponsefile is run. Thus making the response file more generic.


Gary Johnson

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In a lot of instances in UNIX you will find that you don't have to use quotes for entirely alphanumeric strings, but you have to use quotes if string contains certain non-alphanumeric characters, especially spaces.  So for example

 $ test1="hello"

$ test2="hello mike"

$ set | grep test[12]


test2='hello mike' 
Also for the you will see that some string records have quotes and others don't.
If makeresponsefile creates quotes when it needs to (for hosts containing hyphens) and doesn't create quotes where it does not need to, then it is functioning correctly as it is not claiming to create a generic response file by the very fact the response file contains a hostname.  If Symantec wants to make the repsonse file generic then there are more important things to make it more generic - in particular that the response file contains hostnames at all.  For SF only or VCS install (no config), there is not need for hostnames, but they are still used which means you have to edit responsefile to install the same build on another system.  For VCS config, the response file can still contain less hostnames i.e:
  1. Where NICS are the same on all systems, don't make host specific entries (exactly how this is handled in where you only need to localise attributes if necessary)
  2. Only list nodes in cluster and localise where necessary so that even if you have $CFG{"vcs_lltlink1"}{"hostname01"}="bge1" and
    $CFG{"vcs_lltlink1"}{"hostname02"}="bge3", then you can still use the same response file on either hostname01 or hostname02 and it will work without editing repsonse file


UK Symantec Consultant in VCS, GCO, SF, VVR, VxAT on Solaris, AIX, HP-ux, Linux & Windows

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Thanks for bringing this issue to the Connect forum. I will check with the CPI team and get back to you on this suggestion.


Your idea is a good suggestion to make the process more generic. We'll explore your suggestion.

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