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VM-backup GRT setting per VM

Created: 22 Dec 2013 | 2 comments
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Demand note:
Some VMs requires different settings regarding GRT.
If you split the jobs for the different GRT settings, you have the problem with the timing of the resulting concurrent jobs, because you cannot configure the jobs to start after the previous job is finished.
Per default and if you have only one job the VMs are backed up one per one. If you must split the jobs because of the GRT settings you may have 2 backup jobs at the same time – which is normally not what I want.

Making sure the jobs does not overlap – in reality very difficult because of changing backup times and so on.

Possible solution:
GRT setting per VM in BE


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You can use BEMCLI to chain your jobs.  See my article below

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Thank you for the information.
But this is – at best – a workaround.
It cannot substitute a dedicated feature in the software.

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