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VOM - 2 suggestions

Created: 01 Jun 2012 • Updated: 25 Jun 2012 | 1 comment
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Status: Partially Implemented

Firstly, I'd like to be able to exclude objects from monitoring in VOM. Not everything it discovers is business critical and these objects can clutter/confuse reports.

Secondly, VOM doesn't recognise a degraded mirror in SF as a fault of any kind. If it could alert as a warning, that would be useful.

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There is currently a way to partially met your needs regarding monitoring in VOM.

At the current product you may go to Faults, right click on a fault and select Disable all fault(s) for the affected fault sources, Hide or disable forever. The caveat is that a fault has to exist for the hosts that you don’t want to monitor.

We are working on improvements to enable fault suppression even if faults don’t exist for a host. Expect this in our release coming yearly next year.

Regarding the mirror degradation, I need more information about what you mean by that. VOM detects the following alert topics that are related to mirrors and could imply a degradation:


Can you send exactly what condition in vxprint tells you that the mirror is degraded?

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