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This was regards to your Case No: 06888629 For add Directory selection in EMC Isilon NDMP Backup.

Created: 09 Jul 2014
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We had purchesd EMC Isilon with three node and one backup accelerator Node connected our Tape library on fabric and also EMC isilon X-Node on Fabric zone it ptoperly and Storage was able to see Both the tape drives and its medium changers.I added my EMC isilon as NDMP device in Backup and then when I was trying to take backup go to selection page and I was only able to see single volume when I expand the volume for selections of folders I was not able to see any directory for selection . So I request to Symantec please release a patch for this NDMP backup issue for EMC isilon and resolve it ASAP. Things cannot be permanently fixed on temprary fixups .

Parveen Hooda