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Web-Based Admin Console

Created: 31 Aug 2011 • Updated: 12 Nov 2011 | 3 comments
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With the previous NetBackup Operations Manager (NOM), and the Veritas Backup Reporter (VBR), and now with OpsCenter, PureDisk and the Appliances, Symantec has been developing and providing web-based GUI's for a lot of NetBackup components and features over the years.

Except for the Administration Console.

Symantec should use the experience it has with web-based interfaces in order to move away from maintaining a seperate Windows-based NetBackup Admininstration Console and the Java Admin Console. Instead, focus on a unified web-based Administration Console. A web-based console that is accessible from any major browser and any major platform.

A web-based Admin Console would have the advantage of:

  • Reduce development costs:
  • ...Focuse finite development resources on a single interface..
  • ...Leverage existing web GUI experience, knowledge and resources
  • Reduce security complexity:
  • ...No longer having to add remote admin workstations to the NetBackup configuration
  • ...Reduce the number of firewall ports needing to be opened for a remote admin workstation
  • Reduce support costs:
  • ...Provide a single, consistent interface across platforms

There are other benefits, to be sure...

NetBackup Users:

Please add your comments about how you would benefit from a web-based Admin Console in your environment, and what you'd like to see.

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V4's picture

Completely agreed with your words Todd.... Existing java console seems to be still a child of merely 10 years who has not grown up to even teen age... as NetBackup is growing rapidly  this should be also much taken care of....

I loved the PureDisk console which is superb... as we get almost all the functionality of puredisk in to netbackup why not to use the same web console for same.. Let say single console gives user access to Opscenter also .... Todd i would suggest symantec should go with web based console for native NBU and same can be leveraged for NBAC ..... No NBConsole.exe Only Web based console... which can be accessed from any system within intranet

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DCraige's picture

Any job started manually should not cancel when you close the Admin console.  Right now we run a tape duplication job manually every morning to duplicate the previous night's backup jobs and send them off site.  If we close the console during the duplication, the job cancels. sad

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stevegalloway's picture

We've recently upgraded to version 7.6 on Solaris.  We run 32-bit Windows desktops and as there is no 32-bit Java admin GUI at 7.6 we now have 2 options for the admin console.

  1. Connect to the master server's X server from an X xlient (Xming).  Very poor response.
  2. Install the java admin console on a management server and remote onto that just to connect to the admin console.

A web based GUI makes sense as we already use the OPCenter web GUI and there will be no local install required.

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