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When NetBackup users do restores to alternate locations, the alternate location is only showed in the BAR GUI for teh user how did the restore.

Created: 09 Dec 2013
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I am submitting this enhancement request for Michael Englert ( of Management Science Associates. They are a Business Critical customer and Michael has requested this change be submitted

Here is what they are requesting:

When Management Science Associates does an alternate location restore, this “alternate” location is only showed in the BAR GUI for the “user” that did the restore. So if another user logs in, and wants to know where it was restored to, they would not know this alternate location of the restored data, since it is only available to the user who did the restore. Also this info is only kept for x days in NBU logs (This is a configurable parm via the host properties of the master). The Activity monitor and OpsCenter will show whats restored but “not” where it was restored to. Because of this it causes addition work for Management Science Associates since they need to do reports and inform their users / customer where they restored to.

Here is the info they need (showing where it was restored to) in the BAR GUI for the user that did the restore:


Here is whats available via OpsCenter:


Again this customer would like to see the location of this alternate restore. Meaning where it was restored to.