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Wrong command in TECH124914 (reclaiming space in MSDP)

Created: 23 Jan 2012 • Updated: 23 Jan 2012 | 1 comment
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In TECH124914 the command "crcontrol -compactstate" is wrong

This command should be: "crcontrol --compactstate"

Should be changed since this could be confusing when the wrong command does not give the expected output back.
There is also no error message when typing the wrong command.

best regards


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Note that this really isn't the way to give feedback on a TechNote.  What you need to do is select a rating for the article using the "Rate This Article" box, then add your notes to the "Add comments" dropdown that appears:

We've corrected this TechNote, though, and if you're not already seeing the changes now you'll definitely see them tomorrow.  (The "old" version may still be cached for a bit.) | APPLBN | 771LBN

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