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Incremental backup jobs fails intermittently with the Error EBAB0013

Created: 08 May 2011 • Updated: 07 Jun 2011
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Me Too!I have the same issue
Product(s): System Recovery - BESR 2010, System Recovery - BESR 8.x, System Recovery - SSR 2011, System Recovery
Severity: Non-data threatening / major functionality
Status: Will not fix
Tech Note: More Information

Scheduled Backup Exec System Recovery (BESR) incremental backup jobs fails intermittently with error listed below. In most cases, after receiving this error, a manual launch of an incremental backup completes successfully.


BESR  Logs:

Error EC8F17B7: Cannot create recovery points for job: Drive Backup of (C:\), DATA (E:\).
Error EC8F03ED: Cannot create the recovery point.
Error EBAB0013: A test that safeguards the integrity of the program failed unexpectedly. CHECK failed, Computer::CreateImageFile: .\Computer.cpp(1453): guid != Guid() && sequence != 0xffffffff. (UMI:V-281-3215-6071)

Source: Backup Exec System Recovery


Windows based BESR client systems where a recovery point job has been implemented.


In some cases, another backup application utilizing VSS is scheduled to run a backup job as same time when a BESR incremental backup job is scheduled to run.



1. Change the BESR incremental backup job schedule to when there is no other backup job scheduled to run from any other backup software.