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Unable to create Symantec Recovery Disk (SRD) on 64bit versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Created: 19 Jan 2012 • Updated: 28 Aug 2012
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Me Too!I have the same issue
Product(s): Symantec System Recovery (formerly Backup Exec System Recovery) - SSR 2011, Symantec System Recovery (formerly Backup Exec System Recovery)
Severity: Non-data threatening / major functionality
Status: Public fix available
Tech Note: More Information


When attempting to create a Symantec Recovery Disk (SRD) on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.5 x64, the error below is seen and the SRD is not created.

NOTE: This issue is specific to x64 versions of Red Hat. SRD creation is successful on x86 versions.


The running distribution architecture does not match that of the media you have provided.

If you are sure you wish to create an unsupported SRD use the --unsupported-platform option.


Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.5 x64


The current workaround is available:

Use the following switches when creating the SRD: --unsupported-platform --no-fs-tools. Example:

createSRD --iso=/rhel55/RHEL5.5-Server.iso -t RHEL5 -d /ssrl/srd/rhel5.5-srd.iso --unsupported-platform --no-fs-tools

NOTE: Usage of the above switches is considered as unsupported by Symantec and should not be used in a production environment.