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new discussion 29 Jul 2015
Has anyone else had this issue today after upgrading to Windows 10 pro 64bit? SBE 2013 cloud -  agent will not manually install on client surface pro 3 running windows 10 pro 64bit or update the service via the portal 1. Manual install of symantec agent on client computer : agent reports not compatible with current version and requires a reboot tpo complete ...
updated blog entry 23 Jul 2015
new idea 21 Jul 2015
Please implement application blocking feature for without having to choose from a drop down list, and have an option of blocking application without specific version. Currently, we have to block every application with different version whener the application gets updated.
updated discussion 20 Jul 2015
HI, We are trying to deploy a latest version of Symantec Protection Engine which will be responsible for scanning files on CIFS share (DataOntapp - NETAPP). The configuration was done correctly (in our opinion), the Ontapp configuration was reviewed by Netapp engineer and also confirmed that is working fine (connection succesfull form netapp end) For some reason the only files which are being ...
updated idea 20 Jul 2015
Hello Greg, I have copied / pasted your question for this case,  "Is there a Linux SCOM Management Pack for SPE?", with my answer below. At this time we do not have a Linux SCOM Management Pack for the Symantec Protection Engine product. With the Symantec™ Protection Engine Management Pack, you can integrate Symantec Protection Engine events with System Center Operations Manager ...
new idea 17 Jul 2015
Hi, In Symantec Endpoint protection Small business edition, if I set "USB Device Control" to block, then I have the option of overrideing it (with a password) on a user's machine, on a temporary basis. But if I set it to Allow, but with read-only access, the override option is not available. It would be useful to allow a similar password-protected temporary override to make the drive full ...

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