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new discussion 23 Jul 2015
Hello, I've tried to capture/export Java 8u51 x64 under Windows 8.1 x64 using SWV 7.5.779 without success. I've found the problem in this post: The problem is that SWV cannot export the files the symbolic links point to because they are in the layer that is deactivated because we're exporting ... Solution in the post: recreate the structure ...
updated idea 02 Jul 2015
Hi, I'd like to propose a new idea to remove unprovisioned applications from streaming agent's cache using Update Application button. Current behavior: 1. User streams virtual package to the cache 2. User is unprovisioned from the virtual package but this still remaines in the streaming agent's cache    2.a If SLAM feature is enabled, streaming server will deactivate unprovisioned ...
new idea 01 Jul 2015
Hello guys, More and more often we use appmgrcmd -nopp command which is disabling following checkboxes from configuration tab in Streaming Agent (as we all know): - allow server to push application icons - allow server to push applications - allow server to push application file types I find it very useful for troubleshooting purposes when you want to clean virtual apps from cache but you do ...
new discussion 16 Jun 2015
Hi, I can find LDF files for creating x86 virtual layers of the 2005 and 2008 Microsoft Visual C Runtimes online. Are there any LDF files available for the x64bit versions including the 2010 runtimes by any chance? Having trouble getting the composer installed on a 64bit winxp to capture these. The runtimes don't capture well on a Windows 7 machine due to transactions in the install ...
updated article 25 Jun 2015
Purpose: To be able to upgrade packages from SWS 6.1  to SWS 7.5.x and keep the version number the same.  Requirements: Copy the c:\packages folder from the 6.1 virtual composer box to the 7.x virtual composer box. Must have the current version of the package and its previous version. (ex. If your package is version 3 you must also have version 2 package in the c:\packages ...

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