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new blog entry 20 Nov 2015
PWGen è un interessante programma professionale che consente di generare password sicure. PWGen fornisce un numerose opzioni per personalizzare le password in maniera da adattarsi alle diverse esigenze degli utenti. Inoltre, offre crittografia forte del testo e anche la creazione di file di dati casuali. Caratteristiche Genera diversi tipi di password da usare per scopi ...
new article 23 Nov 2015
In this article I have collected some of the tools already published and dedicated to system administrators. This collection was divided by applications for management systems, office, network management and specific tools for security. Category Description Download Page Networking The TCP/IP Mananger is a nice software designed to help computer users keep track of their network ...
updated blog entry 19 Nov 2015
The freeware tool called Neo’s SafeKeys allows to show a virtual keyboard on the screen and transferring the characters you selected with your mouse.  This is one of the most secure method because you are not using your keyboard or your clipboard. How to use: You can type your password simply selecting each single character on this visual keyboard, then drag and drop into the password box ...
new blog entry 05 Nov 2015
Vivaldi is a new web browser developed by Vivaldi Technologies, a company founded by Opera Software co-founder. This browser has a minimalistic user interface with basic icons and fonts, and a color scheme that changes based on the background and design of the web page being visited. The first impression is positive, even if it is still in beta the browser has good performance and stability. ...
new blog entry 23 Oct 2015
PWGen is a professional password generator capable of generating large amounts of cryptographically-secure passwords—“classical” passwords, pronounceable passwords, pattern-based passwords, and passphrases consisting of words from word lists. PWGen provides lots of options to customize passwords to the users’ various needs. Additionally, it offers strong text encryption and the creation of ...
updated blog entry 16 Oct 2015
ProjectLibre (previously known as OpenProj) is an open source alternative to Microsoft Project. It is compatible with MS Project 2003, 2007, and 2010. It also supports several languages. Key features: Project Management software Compatibility with Microsoft Project 2010 Microsoft Project replacement Gantt Chart PERT Charts RBS Chart Network Diagram An active online community License: ...

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