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new idea 16 Apr 2015
Hello all, I noticed that if you have a GROUP A which is provisioned for a specific application and you have a GROUP B which is a member of GROUP A (so all memebers of GROUP B are also provisioned for that application) and you look up group provisioning for GROUP B on console, application name will not be shown in bold as it is for example if you look up a user who is a member of a group ...
new blog entry 24 Mar 2015
Internet is not a safe world and your webcam is vulnerable. It can be remotely activated wihout any notice. Also, most hackers take control of your webcam and make videos and take pictures of you without your knowledge. The best suggestion is disable the webcam when it is not used. The WebCam On-Off tool allow you to easily manage your webcam, in fact in just one click you are able to enabled ...
new idea 20 Mar 2015
Create a package/version level UnInstall Now button on the server. Allow more granularity for the Uninstall on Expiry option. Allow by hour and minute, not just day.
idea comment 16 Mar 2015

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