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discussion comment 19 May 2015
updated video 15 May 2015
This computer-based training course shows you how to set up Windows Phone 8.1 in Symantec Mobility: Suite and how users enroll their devices.
discussion comment 19 May 2015
new discussion 14 May 2015
I am having a problem. Often when I delete items in my touchdown inbox on one of devices, those deletes will not consistently synch with my desktop outlook or across other devices. For example if I delete an email while on my tablet, that email will not always delete from my smartphone inbox. Or sometimes I delete on my desktop, but my smartphone will still show the delete. The "delete items ...
new discussion 14 May 2015
I'm using TouchDown 8.5.00094 to sychronize my Outlook 2013 data between my Windows 7/64 machine and my Samsung Galaxy S4. This works very well except for the fact that every time I edit a note for one of my contacts from my phone, it reformats the text when opened in Outlook. It changes fonts and font sizes for random lines and it randomly adds spacing before and after some lines which makes ...
updated article 22 Apr 2015
Trends in Trust on the internet of Things We are all happy with how technology is making our lives easier and fulfilling. Most of the internet population is however not aware that the moment you turn on a device connected to internet or intranet, possibly thousands of lines of code are sent out per second in the background. With the continuing trend of the internet of things, we are now ...
updated article 27 Mar 2015
The challenges of being an enterprise pioneer in the “Wild West” The increasing significance of Android for the enterprise becomes more apparent every day. On the plus side, Android's open source platform offers vendor and handset choices that can lead to significant cost savings, which is appealing to both enterprises and end users. Unfortunately, Android has a "Wild West" reputation that ...
updated article 27 Mar 2015
The Challenge: Enabling Mobility While Protecting the Enterprise With the rise of mobile devices in the workplace, businesses face a conundrum. Eager to reap the benefits of mobility, yet justifiably uneasy about the significant risks involved, organizations are struggling to find the right approach. Proven benefits of mobility include happier employees, increased productivity, and greater ...
updated article 27 Mar 2015
Apps are everywhere today, in life and in work. In 2013, there were 100 billion app downloads.  Finding and downloading apps is now the third most popular activity among mobile users, just behind viewing Facebook and YouTube. In the workplace, mobile devices—and the apps that go with them—have transformed the way employees do their jobs. Smartphones, tablets, and apps are no longer an ...
updated article 27 Mar 2015
The realities of BY OD create significant challenges when it comes to securing the corporate data residing on your users' mobile devices. Mobile users want to use the latest technology with easy access to their apps and data. Regardless of the OS, make and model of their mobile devices, they want an easy transition between their personal mobile lives and their corporate mobile lives. With ...
updated article 05 Jan 2015
Introdução Atualmente os usuários querem usar tecnologias mais recentes para acessar os aplicativos e dados corporativos, e isso acaba criando a necessidade de permitir o uso de dispositivos pessoais nesses acessos. Assim, o BYOD – Bring Your Own Device – trás desafios significativos quando o assunto é a proteção dos dados corporativos residentes nos dispositivos móveis dos usuários. Além ...
updated article 30 Dec 2014
Pessoal, bom dia! A Symantec anunciou o lançamento da sua nova plataforma de Mobilidade, o Symantec Mobility: Suite. É um marco importante para a empresa e seus clientes. Indo de encontro às necessidades das empresas, a Symantec disponibiliza uma solução integrada pra cinco áreas importantes da Mobilidade: gerenciamento de dispositivos, gerenciamento de aplicativos, gerenciamento de conteúdo, ...
updated article 10 Dec 2014
What is Symantec Mobility Suite? Symantec Mobility Suite securely serves up apps to mobile devices and implements remote device management services. Symantec Mobility Suite manages apps and app distribution. New and updated apps are uploaded into Symantec Mobility Suite, and distributed at your command. Push notifications are sent directly to mobile users when new or updated apps are ...
updated article 29 Oct 2014
Symantec has the broadest set of technologies in a single solution to securely enable a mobile workforce. Symantec supports management at the device, app, and data level to solve data protection problems while improving the experience for users.   SYMANTEC MOBILITY Symantec Mobility: Suite Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) Symantec Mobility: Application ...
updated blog entry 29 Apr 2015
On April 25th, 2015, Symantec released TouchDown for iOS version 8.0.  This release focuses on improving user experience by simplifying usability, incorporating contemporary features, and increasing usable screen space.  The following are some of the new features you will notice in TouchDown for iOS version 8.0: Navigation – The left navigation bar now includes the Calendar, Tasks, ...
updated blog entry 30 Mar 2015
There’s no need to worry about malware on smartphones, right? That’s the attitude of most mobile users and even a large percentage of IT managers. For many users that attitude might be because they view their phone simply as a way to make calls, text, take pictures and to stay connected to social media. Mobile professionals recognize the productivity gains of viewing business documents or ...
new blog entry 23 Mar 2015
While mobility in the enterprise is enabling innovation and agility, it is also introducing a number of troubling security risks that represent back door opportunities for cyber criminals. The good news is, enterprises can protect corporate data. By understanding each of the risk areas and employing a layered security approach to address them, you can defend your business. The top seven risks ...
updated blog entry 18 Mar 2015
VIDEO: Why You Need Secure Apps Now (2:38) Recent research undertaken by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) shows that 31% of the worst security breaches in businesses during 2014 were caused by inadvertent human error – and a further 20% by staff deliberately misusing systems. It’s a huge wake-up call, because the reality is that the day-to-day demands within any ...
updated blog entry 17 Mar 2015
There’s no question that mobile devices and apps are essential tools for today’s workforce. Employees have embraced mobility because it provides more flexibility and boosts productivity. As a result, mobile apps have become attractive targets for cybercriminals who disguise mobile malware as legitimate mobile apps. In this evolving mobile threat landscape, enterprises must extend threat ...
updated blog entry 16 Mar 2015
No doubt your organization goes to great lengths to keep sensitive information secure. But if you’re like many organizations, you have a weak spot – the potential for company emails to be intercepted and the information contained in them falling into the wrong hands. This weakness suffers even greater risk exposure as more of your workforce goes mobile, sending and receiving emails with their ...
updated blog entry 12 Mar 2015
Em nossas duas primeiras publicações desta série, falamos sobre os desafios do Android na empresa e fornecemos algumas dicas para ajudar a fortalecer a segurança do Android a fim de permitir sua adoção. Neste artigo, exploraremos as ameaças potenciais e os comportamentos arriscados dos aplicativos de dispositivos móveis para Android. Os aplicativos e dispositivos móveis já não são apenas ...
updated blog entry 12 Mar 2015
En las dos publicaciones anteriores, analizamos los desafíos de Android en la empresa y proporcionamos consejos para proteger las aplicaciones Android a fin de habilitar esta adopción. En esta publicación, analizaremos las amenazas y los comportamientos peligrosos de las aplicaciones móviles para Android. Las aplicaciones y los dispositivos móviles ya no son una opción en ...
new download 16 Aug 2013
When you use an android emulator you have no access to the google play store to download the mobile management agent for android, so you can download the agent from (Symantec SMM Demo Server) or by downloading the attached file - its the last version of the agent. Regards,  mkeil
updated download 02 Aug 2013
*Quick Update as of Aug 1st, 2013 - The user-based "limited lifetime" API key will not work. I'll try to provide an update once I determine root-cause but until then please use the M2M/static API keys. The App Center API is a great means of extracting information from App Center as well as automating processes such as uploading Apps or creatign web apps. This article is intended to provide ...
new download 01 Nov 2012
Mobile Inventory History Delta tables are getting filled with not used data which results a noticeable growth of Symantec CMDB, as well Controlling "Keep History Duration" is not user editable. This is a non official PointFix which will Stop populating data to Mobile History Delta tables, truncates the tables and Enable Mobile inventory purging to be user editable. At the moment it's a ...
updated download 05 Oct 2012
This Report will show the amount of Data (entries) to be purged from Mobile inventory history tables. - Open Symantec Management Console, Reports, expand the tree then right click where you want to add the report.  - Choose import and pick the xml file. Related: Mobile Inventory History purging Point Fix
updated download 09 Aug 2011
As one of the Endpoint Management Specialists in the Pac NW, I've mentioned this during the User Group Meetings in which I've been able to participate and wanted to post it here for the extended community as a 'best practices' doc for contacting and working with Symantec support. Hope it's helpful!
updated download 01 Jul 2011
Although an older document this does cover many of the core features we have within the reporting framework that I frequently am asked about. This is just some information that you may find useful when creating your own reports.
updated event 23 Oct 2014
Personal device usage is a chronic challenge in organizations today. In the U.S., 52% of employees use their smartphones to check emails with file attachments. However, it is up to employers to mitigate the potential risks and benefits of a BYOD policy. Research by MarketsandMarkets predicts the global market for BYOD and enterprise mobility to quadruple in size over the next four years. ...
new event 08 Sep 2014
5 Must-Haves for an Enterprise Mobility Management Solution Presented by: Melanie Lopez, Global Product Marketing Manager Webcast Summary: Do you have everything your organization needs to manage mobility, without exposing gaps in both data protection and end-user privacy?  In this webinar, you will be able to find real answers to tough questions, such as: What do you need to deploy ...
new event 08 Jul 2014
Come join IT leaders from around New Orleans, along with the Intuitive team for a fishing tournament on July 25th! It will be a good time to get to know your Intuitive account manager as well as network with your peers from around town. Everyone should arrive at the marina at 6:30am, as the boats depart at 7:00am. Group transportation from downtown New Orleans is being offered. Boats return ...
new event 30 May 2014
Say Yes to Android in the Enterprise Presented by: Cheryl Tang, Sr. Principal Product Marketing Manager Sean Yarger, Sr. Manager Mobility and Identity Webcast Summary: Do concerns about Android's security and infrequent patch cycle make you nervous? —Symantec can show you how to protect business and personal data without compromising security or privacy. Join us on this exclusive Android in ...
new event 05 Mar 2014
Symantec App Center Installation and Administration Symantec Mobility Education Services is pleased to announce the upcoming App Center course. The course will be held on March 25-27 in the Herndon, VA Office. Contact your local Symantec Education Services Rep to register by contacting Americas Education at 800 327-2232 (option 4) or by sending an email to ...
updated event 05 Mar 2014
Symantec App Center Installation and Administration Symantec Mobility Education Services is pleased to announce the upcoming App Center course. The course will be held on March 11-13 in the Houston, TX Office. Contact your local Symantec Education Services Rep to register by contacting Americas Education at 800 327-2232 (option 4) or by sending an email to ...
new event 29 Jan 2014
Symantec Mobility Education Services is pleased to announce the upcoming App Center course. The course will be held on Feb 4-6 in the Mountain View, Ca Office. Contact your local Symantec Education Services Rep to register by contacting Americas Education at 800 327-2232 (option 4) or by sending an email to  . Course Description: This training course ...
new event 29 Jan 2014
Symantec Mobility Education Services is pleased to announce the upcoming AppCenter course. The course will be held on Mar 4-6 in the Waltham, MA Office. Course Description This training course covers how to configure and use Symantec App Center in both on-premise and cloud-based (SaaS) versions, to securely enroll and manage your mobile devices including how to import and securely distribute ...
new event 27 Jan 2014
The Case for Enterprise Mobile Application Management Speakers: Christian Kane, Forrester Analyst Swarna Podila, Senior Manager, Product Marketing, Symantec Webcast Summary: Enterprise IT is extending their mobility strategies beyond deploying and managing mobile devices primarily with corporate email access. Administrators are now figuring ways to deploy mobile apps that make a real ...
updated video 15 May 2015
This computer-based training course shows you how to set up Windows Phone 8.1 in Symantec Mobility: Suite and how users enroll their devices.
new video 11 May 2015
Symantec Mobility: Suite now includes functionality for WorkHub PIN authentication. PIN authentication allows the user to create and use a simple PIN code in place of enterprise credentials when authenticating to WorkHub and associated productivity apps, improving the user experience. This video overview captures the configuration and highlights the use of this feature with ...
updated video 27 Mar 2015
This video provides an overview of mobile malware, mad ware and risky apps and how Symantec Mobility: Threat Protection, which is integrated with Norton Mobile Security, can protect agains mobile threats.
updated video 12 Mar 2015
Watch a demo of Symantec Mobility: Suite's Mobile Application Management (MAM), and learn how organizations can easily manage internally-developed, third party, and native apps or web apps across personally-owned and corporate managed devices. To safeguard apps and data, organizations can apply application policies related to user authentication, data loss prevention, and more.
updated video 03 Mar 2015
Symantec Mobility: Suite's mobile device management (MDM) features provide detailed information about devices enrolled with your Mobility Suite. MDM features allow you to secure, manage, locate, lock, reset password, revoke all apps, create device policies, and more. The Symantec Mobility Manager Dashboard page gives you a visual snapshot of the activity occurring with your organization.
updated video 25 Feb 2015
This interactive CBT provides an overview of what's new in Symantec Mobility: Suite version 5.2.
updated video 13 Feb 2015
Watch a demo of Symantec Mobility: Work Mail and learn how you can drive employee productivity with a secure email app that syncs and stores corporate email. Work Mail is an all-in-one app for email, calendar, contacts, notes, and tasks with rich Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) integration and over 80% of Outlook functionality. The user-friendly app allows you to easily manage your inbox on a ...
updated video 01 Dec 2014
Watch this video to see Symantec Secure Email's new look!
updated video 26 Nov 2014
Watch this video to learn more about the new features and enhancements in Symantec Mobility: Suite 5.1.
new idea 09 Feb 2015
I much rather prefer the old setup screens to the new method. So much easier at a glance to view your setup the old way. Don't break a good thing.
new idea 08 Jan 2015
It would be good to create a context-sensitive help for our solution, where each topic describe extensively one state, situation, or feature. By example, when creating a Device Policy, the Help will display only information about this topic. The only option that we have today for Help is the landing page available at
updated idea 05 Dec 2014
I need to insert Welcome page as login page when user login to mobility console. When welcome page showed, user can click on mobility suite button if they need to login console. After clicking the mobility suite link, it will drive user to   
new idea 21 Sep 2014
I’ve heard a lot about an App called EasilyDo and apparently it’s doing quite well in the US as well. I think it would be outright fantastic if some kind of interfacing/integration between it and the TouchDown App could be achieved. On the one hand a great Android App integrating with Outlook, another to supplement that with managing traveltime and itinerary details ++
new idea 31 Aug 2014
I purchased Touchdown for Android so I could sync my work and home Outlook/Exchange mail accounts. I have used Microsoft Outlook/Exchange for many years at work and at home. I use categories extensively with Outlook, i.e., Email, Tasks, Contacts, Calendar. Journal. Most users create folders to save their various emails to, e.g., customers, vendors, clients, sales, tech support, etc. I ...
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