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Endpoint Management Solutions Beta

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Welcome to the home of the EM Solutions Beta Program. We provide access to all of the Altiris products. To begin, click subscribe, and you will have access to all of the latest beta products, and information shared in our beta user community.

Group Activity

New discussion 19 Dec 2010
Hello all, we are trying to collate a list of client platforms that are being incorrectly classified as thin clients by DS. If you would like to contribute, please do the following: 1. Run the following query against your DS databases and then add to ...
New idea 15 Dec 2010
In Symantec Asset Management Suite 7 I can use license usage count for desktop applications, based on the Application Metering data. It'll be great if I could also see license usage for any Symantec Solutions, like it did now for the Symantec ...
New idea 14 Dec 2010
I have asked for this in the past and I will still hold tight to it as an idea.  Altiris needs PowerShell support. It is a perfect language since most of it is written in .NET and now with Silverlight it is a no-brainer. Think about a shell ...
New idea 09 Dec 2010
The SWS Console provides configuration settings that are persistent, and user session settings that are non-persistent. User session settings examples are the Refresh Frequency and Display Records.  These options can be change by the user during ...