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Endpoint Management Solutions Beta

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Welcome to the home of the EM Solutions Beta Program. We provide access to all of the Altiris products. To begin, click subscribe, and you will have access to all of the latest beta products, and information shared in our beta user community.

Group Activity

New idea 10 Jul 2012
Currently, if a user manually changes the date and/or time either forwards or backwards, the SMA records an extremely large duration value in its AeXUserMonitor.xml file, which prevents the user from becoming the Primary User of the machine. This ...
New idea 25 Jun 2012
As a Role which just has Read permission to the “Manage > Computers” console menu item and to an Organization Group containing computer resources can save entities within a filter folder, this indicates that the Activity Center does not ...
New discussion 14 May 2012
Hi, We notice that in our assets reports the users information was missing completely. We check the AD import schedule and apparently working fine. Then in the console we select Manage/Users. In here we can see a list of all the imported users, ...