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This group provides a one-stop shop for everything Workflow—from example workflows and templates to videos and user forums.

This group is sponsored by the Symantec Workflow and ServiceDesk team. This means that any templates or videos posted to this group are either from us, or approved by us. We have put together hours of video, miles of documents, and spent months—no—years to bring you the best information on Workflow processes and integration. Join our group to get the basics, and stay with us as we guide you through your journey into complete process automation.

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New blog entry 22 Oct 2015
Change Management 7.6, when using the Approve/Deny Change Plan form, has recently added functionality to display configured change request planned start dates and estimated end dates.  It now displays both the target stast and ...
New blog entry 22 Oct 2015
After downloading and installing the 7.6 Upgrade for Servicedesk, while attempting to login to the Processmanager portal, the following error popped up ​Server Error in '/ProcessManager' Application.  Runtime Error: Description: An Exception ...
New article 01 Oct 2015
Original article is posted here. Using placeholders in HTML forms is simple enough, but when building Workflow forms, the “placeholder” attribute is not made available to us in the designer. Using a javascript body onload event, we have a very ...
New article 01 Oct 2015
Original article is posted here. Buried in this process are way too many static values. Don’t judge my sprawling process. I was still finding my sea legs. When I first started developing Workflows, especially processes that integrated with ...
New article 01 Oct 2015
Original article is posted here. While the Workflow Form Builder component has options for “processing” messages, I needed more flexibility with dynamic data.  The standard “Processing Message” field at the form level is a static ...
New article 01 Oct 2015
Original article is posted here. A while ago I had a Workflow process, in which I used a form, on which I had a group of CheckBoxes.  The business process for the workflow demands that out of the 5 CheckBoxes, only one may be ...
New article 01 Oct 2015
This article should help detail some of the Workflow components that can make your Workflows easier to read, follow, and self-document.  Annotation/Documentation Rectangles and description components (Annotation, Sizeable Annotation, ...
New article 01 Oct 2015
Original article is posted here. Whether this is a great, or extensible, or lazy, or short-sighted solution is likely quite debatable.  However, I use this method for nearly every variable value evaluation, and have never had a terrible issue ...