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Linux Automation Group

Public Group | Founded: 28 Sep 2010 | Serving 43 members

A group of Linux gurus dedicated to ensuring Deployment Solution Linux driver support is current, made up of people who can compile drivers, and those who are willing to test them so we can get them ratified.

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New discussion 07 Feb 2013
Hi, I want to automate the task of searching for logs in putty . I am a newbie , can anyone help me as how to proceed, My main moto is to have a GUI and I enter BAN number , User Id and it gives me an output which will display the log file with most ...
New download 07 Sep 2011
This download is a rather esoteric one. I recently found myself struggling a bit with the whiptail dialog. The problem I faced was that the menu facility in whiptail requires data in tag-text pairs. This allows you to for example create a file menu ...