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Connecticut Security & Compliance User Group

Public Group | Founded: 23 Mar 2010 | Serving 15 members

Welcome to the Connecticut Security & Compliance User Group website!

If you live in Connecticut and use any Symantec Security or Compliance products, we invite you to join our User Group! To become an official member, click the "Request Membership" button (you must log into Connect first).

Why join our User Group and attend our meetings?

  • Learn and share best practices
  • Network with your peers
  • Find answers to challenges
  • Receive latest information on Symantec products
  • Earn Connect Points and redeem for prizes!
  • Enjoy free food!

We are in the process of building our membership before we schedule our first official meeting. Please join our User Group and spread the word to your peers and colleagues who use Symantec products.

If you have any questions, please contact the User Group Program Manager.

Group Activity

New event 07 Oct 2014
Trust Comes First:  Keeping your data and systems safe with identity and authentication solutions The network perimeter is vanishing, we don’t own our devices, and our users have so many of them!  What can we do to keep our data and ...
New event 07 Oct 2014
Proactive Software Management:  License Control and App Delivery via Symantec Workspace Streaming “Another licensing true-up?”  Does it feel like you’re always reacting to requests for software and worrying about deploying more than you ...
New download 09 Jul 2013
We encountered a problem at one point where a problem in our configuration caused a number of updates to sit on the manager unable to be posted using the BCP utility to the SQL database. The result of this was the details the console was showing us ...
New download 09 Jul 2013
I created this scrpt to address systems that have run our of disk space for various reasons and are no longer updating AV definitions. The only external utility you need is Psexec to remotely execute one of the scripts. To clean a single system you ...