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Symantec Control Compliance Suite Vulnerability Manager Report Templates

Custom reports are a new feature in CCS VM.  To use these new reports in CCS VM, download the file and save it to your CCS VM installation.  From within CCS VM:

1. Click the Reports tab in the Web interface.

2. Click Manage report templates. The Manage report templates panel appears.

3. Click New. The Security Console displays the Create a New Report Template panel.

4. Enter a name and description for the new template on the General section of the Create a New Report Template panel.

5. Select Upload a template file from the Template type drop-down list.  Upload a report template file

6. Click Browse in the Content section to display a directory for you to search for custom templates.

7. Select the report template file and click Open. The report template file appears in the Select file field in the Content section.

8. Click Save.  The custom report template file will now appear in the list of  available report templates on the Manage report templates panel.

OWASP Top 10 Report
A report that relates the OWASP category with web application vulnerabilities reported by CCS VM and produces a list of every host, the severity of each issue, the title, and the path.

Download Template!

Unauthenticated / Unmanaged Assets
A report that identifies “rogue” devices by listing IP addresses and Host Names where standard credentials are not valid.

Download Template!

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