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I need a solution I am running BE for Windows Servers version 12 on windows 2003.   All of a sudden, my scheduled monthly cleaning jobs  don't work anymore. There have been ...
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Forum Discussion by acl03 | 19 Feb 2009 | 2 comments
I need a solution I have been running BE12 since mid-May. I have an HP MSL5026 SuperDLT1 Tape library with 2 drives.    I have 4 jobs that back up about  2.2 TB of data each ...
Forum Discussion by acl03 | 11 Aug 2008 | 2 comments
I need a solution I accidentally posted this in the Updrade & Installation forum, so re-posting here: I am experiencing slow backup speed, trying to figure out why. I am at a ...
Forum Discussion by acl03 | 07 Apr 2008 | 0 comments