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I need a solution Hello, I'm trying to backup a DB offline I'll have to archive this tapes for at least 5 years, I have made a script to: - Stop listener - ...
Forum Discussion by Claudio Veronezi | 17 May 2010 | 9 comments
I need a solution Hello I think I´m w/ a great problem in my hands there was a script ntpdate to automatically change the time using the AD server and stuff I don´t ...
This issue has been solved
Forum Discussion by Claudio Veronezi | 24 Feb 2010 | 15 comments
I think that should be nice, a Netbackup T-SHIRT, POLO, pen... as rewards, I'm from Brazil, and there is nothing I can get, maybe some symantec itens by Mail I'd proud of using a netbackup t-shit here, make the avamar dudes cry ...
Idea by Claudio Veronezi | 29 Jan 2010 | 4 comments