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  I have attached the Firewall and Application Control policy  Policy to Block Peer to Peer Applications as per this article . ...
Download by Vikram Kumar-SA... | 11 Nov 2009 | 9 comments
 What is Peer to Peer (P2P) Application?  P2P is nothing but just Peer to Peer networking. As we have Server - Client Model and Peer to Peer network in the same way these P2P applications work. You need a P2P program that will be installed on ...
Article by Vikram Kumar-SA... | 13 Oct 2009 | 26 comments
What is a Rootkit? Rootkits when it was discovered it meant a set of tools with the help of which one can get a Administrative or Authorized access to a non-administrative account or Un-authorized account and all its activities will been hidden ...
Article by Vikram Kumar-SA... | 16 Aug 2009 | 11 comments