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Regarding: PGP 10.2 Desktop Situation: Policies in Messaging: Policies allow to define which recipient will get encrypted mail and which does not. I can also choose to sign or not to sign the message. But I can *not* choose between different ...
Idea by Participant-Par... | 19 Jun 2012 | 1 comment
On 8'th June 2011, we had a World IPv6 Day where it was a 24-hour test that focused on websites.  Cathal Mullaney posted a blog for the same.  --   To ensure ...
Article by Aniket Amdekar | 06 Jun 2012 | 2 comments
Hello, For a variety of reasons ranging from incorrect installation to corrupted environment the standalone user of PGP Desktop may have a 'strange' installation of PGP Desktop not always identifiable by means of "error messages". ...
Idea by BernardL | 09 Nov 2011 | 2 comments