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I need a solution I recieved a public key from a bank , put it on my 10.1 keyring, when I encrypt I initially get a 3064  error , and then get encrypted output: /ssh/spaymlln] # ...
Forum Discussion by jyard | 12 May 2011 | 3 comments
I need a solution I am trialing PGP Commandline 10.1, and i have a question about key export. I ran an excryption/decryption test and all went well. Next , I created a key and ...
Forum Discussion by jyard | 18 Apr 2011 | 1 comment
I need a solution I have installed an evaluation copy of PGPCommandline 10.1 builds 52 on AIX 5.3 . After the install I ran the simple command viper:/] # pgp --version PGP ...
Forum Discussion by jyard | 14 Apr 2011 | 3 comments