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Thousands of years ago, news traveled at the pace of man or animal. I mean to say you would only learn what someone else was doing or what was happening either in the next town, village, kingdom, etc. only as fast as it could physically get to you. It ...
Blog Entry by Robert Shaker | 29 Jul 2013 | 4 comments
Is it naïve of us to think we can ever be perfectly secure? Whether it’s physically or digitally there is always a risk that something bad is going to happen. To protect ourselves physically we install alarms, locks, buy safe cars, have automatic lights, ...
Blog Entry by Robert Shaker | 03 Apr 2013 | 2 comments
It’s all your fault, really, it is. Whether it’s a lack of caring, naivety or a misunderstanding you executives of companies and leaders of agencies have helped to create an underground ecosystem for attackers to collaborate and coordinate attacks ...
Blog Entry by Robert Shaker | 18 Mar 2013 | 0 comments