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updated discussion 14 hours 16 min ago
Is it possible to get DLP scan result info into the DI environment. My client wnat to be able to show someone that not only has their data not been used for over a year, it has confidential data with poor permissions. 
updated discussion 14 hours 16 min ago
Is it possible to get DLP scan result info into the DI environment. My client wnat to be able to show someone that not only has their data not been used for over a year, it has confidential data with poor permissions. 
updated discussion 26 Mar 2015
I have a three-node cluster configuration: vcs1, vcs2, vcs3.  Using three ISCSI disks (by SCST iscsi target simulator) as fendg.  # vxfenadm   -d I/O Fencing Cluster Information: ================================  Fencing Protocol Version: 201  Fencing Mode: SCSI3  Fencing SCSI3 Disk Policy: dmp  Cluster Members:           * 0 ...
updated article 05 Jan 2015
Com o lançamento da suite Symantec Storage Foundation 6.1 foi apresentada uma nova feature denominada FSS (Flexible Storage Sharing). Esta feature tem como objetivo uma quebra de paradigma. A possiblidade de implementar um ambiente com alta disponibilidade com ou sem DR sem a premissa de compartilhar o storage entre os servidores envolvidos. Esta feature permite a virtualização do storage ...
updated article 29 Dec 2014
A cada dia que passa, mais temos visto os antigos ambientes complexos e custosos serem resumidos a um grande sistema virtual. Ambientes antes limitados a hardware físico tem sofrido o boom da virtualização. O que era incomum, agora se tornou rotineiro. O que antes era impossível, hoje faz parte do nosso dia a dia. Não é mais incomum encontrar um ambiente virtualizado nos dias de hoje. Lembro ...
updated article 12 Dec 2014
Red Hat and Symantec together offer enterprise IT organizations a highly available and highly scalable virtualization infrastructure for traditional and cloud-enabled applications. Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization provides an enterprise-ready virtualization platform derived from oVirt, an open source community developed virtualization platform. The hypervisor in Red Hat Enterprise ...
updated article 11 Dec 2014
Executive Summary I/O Fencing provides protection against data corruption and can guarantee data consistency in a clustered environment.  Data is the most valuable component in today’s enterprises. Having data protected and therefore consistent at all times is a number one priority. This White Paper describes the different deployment methods and strategies available for I/O Fencing in a ...
updated article 19 Nov 2014
This whitepaper is aimed at technical architects and IT decision-makers at customer companies as well as architects and consultants involved in the design and planning of technical solution architectures for SAPcentric business solutions. Executive Summary  Many organizations rely on SAP applications to support vital business processes. Any disruption of these services ...
updated article 29 Oct 2014
What is Storage Optimization and Application Availability? The world runs 24/7/365 on applications and data. A high availability architecture with automated business service recovery keeps your data, applications, and infrastructure available and optimized as demand grows. Symantec Storage Foundation High Availability solutions provide end-to-end visibility and optimization across physical, ...
updated article 01 Oct 2014
É notório o crescente interesse das empresas no tema de Recuperação de Desastres (Disaster Recovery | DR). Comparado a alguns anos atrás, nota-se um incremento de interesse por parte de empresas e orgãos públicos de todos os tamanhos. As razões variam: Há mais regulamentações e normas de serviço que passam a exigir planos de continuidade de negócios (Business Continuity Plan | BCP), nos quais ...
updated article 29 Sep 2014
It’s been a while coming but I’ve finally got some time to write this article on protecting vCenter Server availability. It’s probably also come as an opportune time as not so long ago VMware announced the end of availability of vCenter Heartbeat so now many of you are probably looking for ways to protect vCenter Server more than ever especially due to the criticality that it brings in ...
updated blog entry 13 Mar 2015
Here is some of December 2014's most viewed content in the Storage and Clustering community: Configuring Redis High Availability VCS Cluster not Starting. How to Check VCS Version and Update HBA Checking Commands Veritas Disk Group Disabled  Disaster Recovery Orchestrator (DRO) Demo - Configuration New Release: Storage Foundation High Availability 6.2 How to find the LUN size with ...
updated blog entry 13 Mar 2015
Here is some of January 2015's most viewed content in the Storage and Clustering community: Configuring Redis High Availability VCS Cluster not Starting. The ‘Smart’ way to enhance VMware virtual machine’s performance How to Check VCS Version and Update Information Availability (IA) InfoBits Whiteboard Video Series Veritas Disk Group Disabled VOM 6.1 security certificate not issued by a ...
updated blog entry 13 Mar 2015
Here is some of February 2015's most viewed content in the Storage and Clustering community: FAQ: Keyless Feature Enablement in Storage Foundation HA VCS Cluster not Starting. Configuring Redis High Availability How to Check VCS Version and Update Veritas Disk Group Disabled How to find the LUN size with veritas commands? HBA Checking Commands Information Availability (IA) InfoBits ...
updated blog entry 19 Feb 2015
***NOTE*** Much apologies, but unfortunately, we have encountered some technical problems that we can't overcome in a timely enough fashion. We're sorry that we won't be able to do the Hangout today, but will post a new date & time as soon as possible. Again, apologies for the inconvenience! 40% of unplanned downtime is a result of application failures. 1 in 10 organizations now require ...
new blog entry 12 Feb 2015
On Feb 11, 2015, SORT delivered another release and added the following features and enhancements General: Changed to vertical menu from horizontal menu for better user experience Storage Foundation and Availability Solutions: SFHA Future Platform and Feature Plans (  ) helps customers to plan for these upcoming changes to the support status of ...
updated blog entry 21 Jan 2015
Deploying All Flash Arrays is today's gold standard in any enterprise data center to drive the maximum performance for applications that are hitting the limits of traditional hard-drive based architectures. Low latencies and high throughput characteristics of these arrays take workloads with varying read-write characteristics and push them to new highs in any type of benchmark. Use cases ...
updated blog entry 15 Jan 2015
On December 2nd ,2014, SORT delivered another release and added the following features: Support for Storage Foundation and High Availability 6.2 release within the following areas of SORT:  Installation and Upgrade Checklist ( ) SORT Data Collectors (, including Installation and Upgrade custom reports, ...
updated blog entry 12 Jan 2015
Here is the list of top Storage and Clustering community Support Technotes for the past quarter. Please make sure to browse the list first before you post a question here on Connect, as you may find an answer to the product issue you are seeing. Hope you find your answer here. Examples of using Iperf to diagnose network issues How to connect to the console of the server (Session ID=0) on ...
updated download 20 Jan 2015
Symantec Storage plug-in for OEM12c enables you to view and manage the Storage Foundation and VCS objects through the Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c (OEM), which has a graphical interface. It works with the Symantec Storage Foundation and High Availability 6.2 product suite. The Symantec Storage plug-in allows you to: SmartIO: manage Oracle database objects using SmartIO. Snapshot: create ...
new download 28 Jul 2014
Over the time, there are instances when permissions are assigned to unknown SIDs on file systems. These unknown or unresolved SIDs belong to deleted security groups or users and sit on the file-system unnecessarily. While most administrators want permissions to be up-to-date and ACLs cleaned on regular intervals, inadequate visibility in ACL permissions can make their job cumbersome and ...
updated download 02 Jul 2014
Application Agents Solaris 11 Image Packaging System (IPS) packages are available for agents of below applications: Application Agent Builder Documentum JBoss Application Server Oracle Application Server Oracle E-Business Components Oracle Essbase Oracle Fusion Middleware Oracle Siebel CRM Oracle Tuxedo Tibco EMS Added support for Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g installations. Following ...
updated download 01 Jul 2014
The Veritas High Availability agents provide out-of-the-box support of many enterprise applications as well as a wide range of replication technologies. For a complete list of agents supported, please visit The agents monitor specific resources within an enterprise application. They determine the status of resources and start or stop them according to ...
updated download 30 Jun 2014
While managing permissions on shared resources, one of the recommended practice is to assign permissions to groups rather than to users directly. Maintaining user accounts directly can be cumbersome and inefficient especially when people are moving around in the organization. There can be occasions where permissions are directly assigned to users who should no longer required to have ...
updated download 04 Jun 2014
How To share DQL queries\templates on Connect: Login to Symantec Connect community page and mouse-hover on Create Content. From the drop-down, click Download. On the Create page, specify a suitable Title that indicates the use-case. Add a description for the content in Body section. In case of an ad-hoc query, paste the verified DQL query in the Body section. In case of a DQL template, zip ...
updated download 04 Apr 2014
Veritas High Availability AgentPack 1Q 2014 is now available on SORT: Highlights of this release: Application Agents New Platform added for SAP NetWeaver agent with HA-API support In addition to Linux, the agent is available on AIX and Solaris operating systems. Added support for VCS 6.1 on Windows platform for following agents SAP Web Application ...
new event 13 Feb 2015
0% of unplanned downtime is a result of application failures. 1 in 10 organizations now require uptime higher than 99.999%. Join our experts for a live discussion and learn more about why application availability is important and the various strategies businesses are adopting to achieve it. The Google Hangout link will be added to this blog 15mins before the event time. 
new event 12 Jan 2015
Join our upcoming webcast with ESG Senior Analyst, Mark Peters and find out how to eliminate your storage bottleneck with the right combination of software and flash. We'll cover why new integrated approaches to IT make flash a prerequisite, key findings from latest CIO discussions, how to evaluate cost benefits and minimize risk.  Register now.
updated event 29 Sep 2014
CIOs are becoming increasingly invested in the cloud, with 92 percent saying they believe it provides business benefits, according to a survey conducted by Dimensional Research. From cost savings, efficiency, rapid deployment, scalability, and ubiquitous accessibility, cloud computing brings with it several benefits. As shown by its 33 percent quarter-to-quarter growth this year, many ...
updated event 11 Sep 2014
Organizations are facing more pressure than ever to improve the agility of their businesses.  With virtualization, cloud services, big data and other trends converging, companies look to IT to drive improvements and better enable their businesses to compete in the market.  Symantec's data center portfolio is uniquely positioned to increase IT agility, thus helping customers realize ...
updated event 30 May 2014
Building a disaster recovery to the cloud strategy enables midmarket and smaller enterprises to have a less capital and resource-consuming alternative to building and maintaining a secondary data center. By doing so, organizations reduce capital and operations expenses with much smaller, more manageable and more predictable expenses. Symantec Disaster Recovery Orchestrator integrated with ...
new event 14 Mar 2014
  Disaster recovery for Red Hat virtual machines using Symantec Cluster Server, powered by Veritas Managing mission-critical applications? Laying the foundation for a private cloud? Or simply working to meet your enterprise’s day-to-day technical and business demands? All require an infrastructure that’s flexible yet highly available and resilient. With Red Hat and Symantec, ...
new event 22 Nov 2013
A Discussion on Achieving Business Resilience Now and in the Future. The panelists for this session are Geary Sikich, Principal, Logical Management Systems Corp. Damian Walch, U.S. National Leader, Resilience Services, Deloitte David Nolan, CEO and Founder, Fusion Risk Management, Inc. Hosted by Dennis Wenk, Business Continuity Evangelist, Symantec . Technology, outsourcing, partnerships and ...
updated video 26 Mar 2015
InfoBits video series produced by the Symantec Information Availability Education Services team, in conjunction with a variety of product experts. These are 5 minute videos with no PowerPoint slides.  They explain a technical concept about one of the Information Availability products. Storage Foundation CDS: Cross-Platform Data Sharing Data Compression Basics Enclosure Based Naming File ...
updated video 06 Mar 2015
SAP HANA is a database that massively improves performance of existing SAP applications by leveraging in-memory technology, and enables business transformation via real-time analytics and transaction execution. In May 2014, the SAP HANA platform was made available on VMware vSphere® 5.5 for production use. As server virtualization adoption increases, IT needs to leverage the benefits of ...
updated video 27 Feb 2015
This video describes the Smart IO feature of Storage Foundation.
updated video 27 Jan 2015
This video describes some of the most important new features in Symantec Cluster Server (VCS) 6.2 such as Majority Fencing and Application HA support for SAP HANA.
updated video 27 Jan 2015
This video describes some of the most important new features in Storage Foundation 6.2 such as new operating system support for Smart IO and Flexible Storage Sharing.
updated video 27 Jan 2015
This video describes the differences between System Zones and Sites in Symantec Cluster Server (VCS).  It describes when they are used and what the advantages are for each.
updated video 27 Jan 2015
This video describes what the components of a replicated data cluster are and how a replicated data cluster works.
updated video 27 Jan 2015
This video describes four different failover policies that are available in Symantec Cluster Server (VCS).
updated video 27 Jan 2015
This video describes what a global cluster is and how it works.  It describes the necessary components for setting up a global cluster.
new idea 19 Mar 2015
Customer states: You don't have to fix it for me, but clearly the agent has an issue if threads are greater than 1.   And the document you sent only indicates why you would want more than 1 thread for performance, it doesn't indicate that you can have problems with setting it greater than 1.  Also the default is 10 so out of the box it is broken.  Plus, the error message that ...
updated idea 24 Feb 2015
Hi, it would be nice to have a way to add the information about patches, hotfixes etc. to VOM even when the machine has no internet access at all (not even with proxy). I envision something like a zipball which can be uploaded to VOM much like "Upload Solution" which imports the same information that would be gathered online instead. Kind regards    -- Dago
new idea 12 Feb 2015
Hello, We have a two node cluster running in active-passive mode. We also have implemented Preferred fencing (Group) on these cluster nodes. Recently we had an incident (Ref SR to Symatec :08071786) wherein Active node lost network connectivity which resulted in IO fencing race (2 SAN disk and 1 CPS server) and b'coz we have preferred fencing in place this Active node got edge over other and ...
new idea 13 Jan 2015
If you want the agent to work perfectly you need to add vcenter and all the esxi servers in the farm so you dont have any SPOF. Resolution: Why not change the agent so it scans the vcenter which cluster the VM run in and cache all the esxi servers in the farm so that you don't need to manuelly add them to the config, it would be more dynamic and less administration. Thanks, Micke
updated idea 07 Jan 2015
Currently the Application HA wizard only supports Weblogic Managed Servers which are configured on the same server as the Admin Server. Currently, when the Managed Server is configured using the Application HA wizard, it creates a Resource for both the Admin Server and the Managed Server with a dependency between these.  This request is to add the option for ...
new idea 07 Jan 2015
I noticed that the severity of messages in the Engine log does not always match the severity sent by the notifier and so for instance you may get severity Error in the Engine log and Severity Warning sent by Notifier for the same event or you don't get an error in the engine log for a message sent out by the notifer so for example, when I start VCS I get these messages in the engine ...
new idea 25 Nov 2014
Hi! There's a demand on having a Matrix with supported disk group version per each CVM protocols. I can't find any matrix with that, and it's something that can be usefull. Eventually, just adding a column here would be enough: Thank you. Best regards, Hugo.
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