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updated discussion 30 Jul 2015
Storage and Clustering product documentation is available at the following locations. To make sure you have the latest documentation, check the document version on page 2 or the publication date on the title page of PDFs.  Documentation type Location Description User manuals SORT Web site User manuals are available in PDF and HTML format. Some products include PDFs on the install ...
new event 30 Jul 2015
Join us for this upcoming webcast with Scott Sinclair, Storage Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group, we'll discuss the top reasons to adopt to softwrare-defined storage and strategies for success. Find out what all the buzz is about, how to realize better gains in availability, performance, and cost savings, and how you can dertermine the right SDS solution for you. Register now.
discussion comment 30 Jul 2015
updated discussion 30 Jul 2015
Storage and Clustering product documentation is available at the following locations. To make sure you have the latest documentation, check the document version on page 2 or the publication date on the title page of PDFs.  Documentation type Location Description User manuals SORT Web site User manuals are available in PDF and HTML format. Some products include PDFs on the install ...
discussion comment 30 Jul 2015
updated article 15 Jul 2015
Introduction The objective of this white paper is to describe VERITAS Cluster Server (VCS) support for Microsoft¡¦s shared VHDX feature in a Hyper-Virtual environment. To use the information given in this white paper you must have essential knowledge of administrating VERITAS cluster Server Starting in Windows Server 2012 R2, Hyper-V makes it possible to share a virtual hard disk file ...
updated article 15 Jul 2015
            Existing VCS Resource Dependency VCS resource dependencies are construct used for linking two resources. A dependency consists of parent & child resources, and dictates start/stop order for the resources in the dependency. For starting/keeping online a parent resource, all child resources must be started/kept online first. Currently a parent resource ...
updated article 14 Jul 2015
Late last year (2014) Symantec announced a joint partnership with HP to develop a new Disaster Recovery as-a-Service (DRaaS) solution based on HP Helion OpenStack® cloud. This joint venture offering is known as “HP Helion and Veritas Continuity”.  We will walk you through the key value propositions of the solution in multiple episodes. These episodes are aligned to the ...
updated article 01 Jul 2015
The LDom technology provides a very cost-effective alternative architecture for deploying  SFHA. The same physical server can be used for multiple applications within various logical domains with optimal resource utilization. The underlying hardware availability is increased by using the Split-PCI bus technology that the CMT servers provide and the SFHA component completes the ...
updated article 01 Jul 2015
VCS event triggers let you invoke user-defined scripts for specified events in a cluster. Triggers can be broadly categories into 2 categories: 1. Internal triggers: Internal triggers are non-configurable and always enabled. These triggers reside in $VCS_HOME/bin/internal_triggers directory. By default, $VCS_HOME = /opt/VRTSvcs/ # ls -l /opt/VRTSvcs/bin/internal_triggers/ -rwxr-x--- 1 ...
updated article 16 Jun 2015
A unified solution for IT service continuity across physical, virtual, and cloud Innovate IT with confidence Businesses are rapidly expanding beyond their traditional data center boundaries into the cloud, with hybrid cloud architectures becoming the new norm. As business-critical workloads and data get increasingly run on diverse platforms across multiple data ...
updated article 09 Jun 2015
Oracle Solaris introduced kernel zones feature in Oracle Solaris 11.2, which provides the flexibility, efficiency and isolation of Oracle Solaris Zones while adding the capability for each kernel zone to run in an independent kernel.  Each kernel zone running on a host can be at a different kernel level and be updated individually. This allows application requiring different kernel ...
updated article 28 May 2015
Automate IO fencing keys  re-registration of DMP devices inside LDOM after migration Problem: Need to manually run “vxdmpadm pgrrereg” command inside the LDOM with fencing configured in DMP mode after live migration . Cause: When a LDOM is configured with fencing in DMP mode and the LDOM is live migrated to another host, the initiator for the guest VM changes. The IO fencing keys that ...
updated article 07 Apr 2015
Cada vez mais as empresas tem se preocupado em proteger seus dados em um outro ambiente fora do seu proprio Datacenter, seja com um backup remoto ou até mesmo um complexo ambiente de DR capaz de assumir o ambiente de produção em poucos minutos. Diante desse cenário promissor a Symantec possui uma ferramenta de replicação capaz de atender diversas necessidades das empresas e é justamente neste ...
updated blog entry 28 Jul 2015
CIOs today continue to struggle to understand the true health of their IT operations and the recoverability of the applications and services that are the lifeblood of their business. Many have attempted to implement an IT resiliency strategy that includes robust recovery testing, but failure rates continue to be alarmingly high, much of the infrequently executed process remains manual, and ...
updated blog entry 24 Jul 2015
There is a long-standing rumor that Sir Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group, never leaves his home without a notebook to capture feedback from passengers and customers whom he interacts with on a regular basis.  This doesn’t come as a surprise considering the many diverse ventures that Branson has immersed himself into throughout the years. Branson believes that you can learn ...
updated blog entry 22 Jul 2015
The IT Resilience landscape has been rapidly changing over the past several years - as Gautham notes in his “Time Machine” blog article,  IT Business Continuity strategies now are all about proactive detection, instant recovery and total predictability – and rightly so. Last week, we announced General Availability of Veritas Resiliency Platform – a solution that’s architected to ...
updated blog entry 17 Jul 2015
                After 15 years in the industry I have seen a lot of “truths” as hardware, software, and deployments have evolved. While not all of them have panned out, there are two that continue to prove themselves: Applications drive the business Data is the gas for those applications While individually each has ...
updated blog entry 15 Jul 2015
At Veritas, we understand that IT infrastructure is necessary for you to operate.  However, we believe more crucial to the success of your business than the infrastructure is the information that resides there and the applications that process that information.  Our mission is to enable organizations to use this information regardless of where it resides to maximize business value. ...
updated blog entry 15 Jul 2015
Whether it’s the ticketing system for a global airline, online services for a national bank or electronic patient records for a major healthcare provider, critical business applications need access to information around the clock. Every day, organizations around the world rely on the smooth flow of data to these applications in order to ensure IT service continuity. But outages do occur, and ...
updated blog entry 10 Jul 2015
The cost of cloud services is claimed to be lower due to extensive sharing of resources. However, a higher degree of sharing would automatically mean less guarantees of performance, since performance expectations of users may be affected by the resource sharing. So quality of service (QoS) becomes the crucial factor for the success of Openstack storage providers.  Storage QoS in ...
new blog entry 08 Jul 2015
(English version below) En el mes de Junio tuve la oportunidad de presentar en el evento IDC Storage Transformation 2015 en Madrid y compartir agenda con Pure Storage y NetApp. Es agradable hacer una presentación en tu ciudad y en tu propia lengua.  Primero tuvimos una introducción de IDC que creó una buena base e introducción donde las presentaciones de los tres fabricantes encajaron ...
new blog entry 07 Jul 2015
I’m very pleased to announce that SORT delivered a release specifically focused on supporting the GA release of InfoScale 7.0, Veritas Resiliency Platform 1.0 and NBU release. SORT offers features/tools to help transit from Storage Foundation product family to Veritas InfoScale family smoothly.  General: Landing page ( shows the Quick Links for supporting ...
updated blog entry 06 Jul 2015
Anyone paying attention to storage trends in the datacenter will be acutely aware of the increasing presence of all-flash arrays (AFA). As Storage and IT administrators become more comfortable with the unique characteristics of flash when compared to traditional spinning disk, AFA’s are being targeted at more applications and workloads. Gartner’s yearly analysis of market leaders and players ...
updated download 20 Jan 2015
Symantec Storage plug-in for OEM12c enables you to view and manage the Storage Foundation and VCS objects through the Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c (OEM), which has a graphical interface. It works with the Symantec Storage Foundation and High Availability 6.2 product suite. The Symantec Storage plug-in allows you to: SmartIO: manage Oracle database objects using SmartIO. Snapshot: create ...
new download 28 Jul 2014
Over the time, there are instances when permissions are assigned to unknown SIDs on file systems. These unknown or unresolved SIDs belong to deleted security groups or users and sit on the file-system unnecessarily. While most administrators want permissions to be up-to-date and ACLs cleaned on regular intervals, inadequate visibility in ACL permissions can make their job cumbersome and ...
updated download 02 Jul 2014
Application Agents Solaris 11 Image Packaging System (IPS) packages are available for agents of below applications: Application Agent Builder Documentum JBoss Application Server Oracle Application Server Oracle E-Business Components Oracle Essbase Oracle Fusion Middleware Oracle Siebel CRM Oracle Tuxedo Tibco EMS Added support for Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g installations. Following ...
updated download 01 Jul 2014
The Veritas High Availability agents provide out-of-the-box support of many enterprise applications as well as a wide range of replication technologies. For a complete list of agents supported, please visit The agents monitor specific resources within an enterprise application. They determine the status of resources and start or stop them according to ...
updated download 30 Jun 2014
While managing permissions on shared resources, one of the recommended practice is to assign permissions to groups rather than to users directly. Maintaining user accounts directly can be cumbersome and inefficient especially when people are moving around in the organization. There can be occasions where permissions are directly assigned to users who should no longer required to have ...
updated download 03 Jun 2014
How To share DQL queries\templates on Connect: Login to Symantec Connect community page and mouse-hover on Create Content. From the drop-down, click Download. On the Create page, specify a suitable Title that indicates the use-case. Add a description for the content in Body section. In case of an ad-hoc query, paste the verified DQL query in the Body section. In case of a DQL template, zip ...
updated download 04 Apr 2014
Veritas High Availability AgentPack 1Q 2014 is now available on SORT: Highlights of this release: Application Agents New Platform added for SAP NetWeaver agent with HA-API support In addition to Linux, the agent is available on AIX and Solaris operating systems. Added support for VCS 6.1 on Windows platform for following agents SAP Web Application ...
new event 30 Jul 2015
Join us for this upcoming webcast with Scott Sinclair, Storage Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group, we'll discuss the top reasons to adopt to softwrare-defined storage and strategies for success. Find out what all the buzz is about, how to realize better gains in availability, performance, and cost savings, and how you can dertermine the right SDS solution for you. Register now.
updated event 06 Jul 2015
An effective Business Continuity strategy is a necessity in today’s business world. Potentially business damaging situations like hacker attacks, natural disasters, malware disruptions, hardware failures and even human error can bring a business to its knees. Your vision is consistent and accelerated business success. This requires adopting innovative new IT trends and IT Service ...
new event 13 Feb 2015
0% of unplanned downtime is a result of application failures. 1 in 10 organizations now require uptime higher than 99.999%. Join our experts for a live discussion and learn more about why application availability is important and the various strategies businesses are adopting to achieve it. The Google Hangout link will be added to this blog 15mins before the event time. 
new event 12 Jan 2015
Join our upcoming webcast with ESG Senior Analyst, Mark Peters and find out how to eliminate your storage bottleneck with the right combination of software and flash. We'll cover why new integrated approaches to IT make flash a prerequisite, key findings from latest CIO discussions, how to evaluate cost benefits and minimize risk.  Register now.
updated event 29 Sep 2014
CIOs are becoming increasingly invested in the cloud, with 92 percent saying they believe it provides business benefits, according to a survey conducted by Dimensional Research. From cost savings, efficiency, rapid deployment, scalability, and ubiquitous accessibility, cloud computing brings with it several benefits. As shown by its 33 percent quarter-to-quarter growth this year, many ...
updated event 11 Sep 2014
Organizations are facing more pressure than ever to improve the agility of their businesses.  With virtualization, cloud services, big data and other trends converging, companies look to IT to drive improvements and better enable their businesses to compete in the market.  Symantec's data center portfolio is uniquely positioned to increase IT agility, thus helping customers realize ...
updated event 30 May 2014
Building a disaster recovery to the cloud strategy enables midmarket and smaller enterprises to have a less capital and resource-consuming alternative to building and maintaining a secondary data center. By doing so, organizations reduce capital and operations expenses with much smaller, more manageable and more predictable expenses. Symantec Disaster Recovery Orchestrator integrated with ...
new event 14 Mar 2014
  Disaster recovery for Red Hat virtual machines using Symantec Cluster Server, powered by Veritas Managing mission-critical applications? Laying the foundation for a private cloud? Or simply working to meet your enterprise’s day-to-day technical and business demands? All require an infrastructure that’s flexible yet highly available and resilient. With Red Hat and Symantec, ...
new event 21 Nov 2013
A Discussion on Achieving Business Resilience Now and in the Future. The panelists for this session are Geary Sikich, Principal, Logical Management Systems Corp. Damian Walch, U.S. National Leader, Resilience Services, Deloitte David Nolan, CEO and Founder, Fusion Risk Management, Inc. Hosted by Dennis Wenk, Business Continuity Evangelist, Symantec . Technology, outsourcing, partnerships and ...
updated video 17 Jul 2015
The video demonstrates 'atleast N' Resource dependency How resources are linked/unlinked How this dependency is displayed on CLI, Java GUI, and VOM Behavior of dependency w.r.t. online, offline, and fault of linked resources P.S. There is no voice over in video. We have provided subtitles to elaborate the dependency.
updated video 15 Jul 2015
This video describes what Concurrent IO is and how Storage Foundation uses it for Sybase and DB2 databases.
updated video 08 Jul 2015
This video describes what Concurrent IO is and how Storage Foundation uses it for Sybase and DB2 databases.
updated video 07 Jul 2015
This video describes the Smart IO feature of Storage Foundation.
updated video 07 Jul 2015
This video describes what a VCS application agent is.  It also describes the difference between an application agent and a custom agent.
updated video 19 Jun 2015
This video describes the SmartTier feature of Storage Foundation.This used to be know as Dynamic Storage Tiering and falls into the general classification of Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM)…but more. Multi-Volume File Systems are described.
updated video 19 Jun 2015
This video describes the Veritas Resiliency Platform (VRP).  It shows the basic architecture of the product.
updated video 19 Jun 2015
This video describes the hot relocation feature of Storage Foundation and how and where it works.
updated video 19 Jun 2015
This video describes what thin provisioning is.It then describes how Storage Foundation can reclaim physical space from a disk array that uses thin provisioning.
updated video 19 Jun 2015
This video describes what the ApplicationHA product is and how it works.
new idea 09 Jul 2015
When first we execute vxdump, then below warning to create /etc/dumpdates file message is logged. [root@server101 ~]# vxdump -fu /var/tmp/data.bk /dev/vx/rdsk/testdg/vol1 vxfs vxdump: WARNING: no file `/etc/dumpdates', making an empty one   --> !! vxfs vxdump: Date of this level 0 dump: Thu 09 Jul 2015 10:17:38 PM EDT vxfs vxdump: Date of last level 0 dump: the epoch Dumping ...
updated idea 22 Jun 2015
I have spent 2 hours trying to get my companies support information, as I'm new to the Co. I waited over an hour for an e-mail I was NEVER going to get, because the woman couldn't differentiate between a phonetically spoken G and a Q, and therefore the e-mail was in lala land. All because presumably, ddoing business with India saves your company a few bucks. This stuff is infuriating beyond ...
updated idea 09 Jun 2015
Hello, For full supporting WebSphere MQ MQI client automatic reconnection (More info on IBM KnowledgeCenter: WMQ - Automatic client reconnection) we need that QMGRs' graceful-stops uses -r parameter. Unfortunately the actual Symantec code doesn't support this option (/opt/VRTSagents/ha/bin/WebSphereMQ/ [...] #---------------------------------- # Stop command and stop ...
new idea 15 Apr 2015
when a set of disks are in clone_disk mode after failover from a different SAN array. Trying to add new disks would fail because it is not a clone disk. Attempt to set all the existing disks clone=off would work but still the new disk cannot be added to the diskgroup unless vxconfigd is restarted. This should unexpected. Hopefully it would be fixed
new idea 13 Apr 2015
Customer wants the agent to manage the “manager process” not just one peripheral process (extract) . The agent should be able to online/offline/monitor multiple peripheral processes in one resources. The agent should be able to online/offline/monitor the replicat, and the data pump processes. The agent should be able to restart a process if it becomes faulted on a node before VCS failing it ...
new idea 19 Mar 2015
Customer states: You don't have to fix it for me, but clearly the agent has an issue if threads are greater than 1.   And the document you sent only indicates why you would want more than 1 thread for performance, it doesn't indicate that you can have problems with setting it greater than 1.  Also the default is 10 so out of the box it is broken.  Plus, the error message that ...
updated idea 24 Feb 2015
Hi, it would be nice to have a way to add the information about patches, hotfixes etc. to VOM even when the machine has no internet access at all (not even with proxy). I envision something like a zipball which can be uploaded to VOM much like "Upload Solution" which imports the same information that would be gathered online instead. Kind regards    -- Dago
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