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dascott | 30 Sep 2013 | 0 comments

Enterprise now supports Instant Message (IM) archiving using, Actiance’s Vantage product.  Enterprise Vault on premise has supported Actiance for some time but was just officially certified following testing over the summer.  

Actiance is a leader in communication, collaboration, and social media governance for the enterprise. They offer capture and control of a wide variety of  Instant Messaging and Unified Communication networks including Microsoft Lync, IBM Sametime, Skype, IBM Connections, Jive, Bloomberg, Reuters and many more. 

How does the integration work?

Actiance Vantage journals instant messages from enterprise IM networks (Lync. OCS, and Sametime) and public IM networks (Yahoo! Messenger and AOL Instant Messenger). Vantage takes the IM converesations and converts them to SMTP messages .   The Vantage Server software then journals the completed IM conversation and any...

TonySterling | 25 May 2013 | 2 comments

I stumbled across this article the other day. LPL Fined $9 Million for Email 'Failures' here and also

Some excerpts from the WSJ article:

Recently LPL Financial Holdings Inc. agreed to pay at least $9 million to end allegations by regulators that the brokerage firm was plagued by "systemic email failures" but did too little to fix them.

and this one:

The breakdowns included failing to review more than 28 million emails sent or received by thousands of brokers. That meant...

Kristi Davis | 14 Mar 2013 | 0 comments

The following two articles provide the necessary information on the various accounts and users that are involved in an Enterprise Vault environment, as well as the permissions required by each.

Enterprise Vault Accounts and Permissions

Compliance Accelerator and Discovery Accelerator Accounts and Permissions

Anjeli Singh | 01 Jun 2012 | 5 comments

Symantec would like to get your feedback on how we can improve the existing Enterprise Vault to make it easier for you. We are looking for EV administrators who are willing to share thier Enterprise Vault related day to day activities with us.

The research study will start on 18th June and continue till 18th July. The study will be conducted entirely online, and you will be able to participate at your own schedule from your home or office by writing 10 to 15 minutes diary entries. All of your responses will be kept confidential and will only be used for research purposes.

Participants who complete all the assigned activities across the 4 week period will receive a $300 gift card.

You are free to stop participating at any time but you will not receive payment unless you complete all the assigned activities across the entire 4 week period.

Next step – If you are an interested in...

Mark Olsen | 03 May 2012 | 0 comments

It’s hard to believe, but Vision 2012 is nearly upon us in Las Vegas next week.  We have lots of great sessions planned, many of which have fellow customers and partners joining us.  Some great Enterprise Vault/Enterprise eDiscovery Platform sessions with customers presenting include:

  • IM B03 Archiving On Premise or Cloud
  • IM B08 Backup is for Recovery; Archiving is for Discovery
  • IM B24 Archiving and eDiscovery: Real World ROI Panel (2 customers and 1 partner)
  • IM B26 Enterprise Vault Customer Panel (4 On Premise and 2 Cloud customers)
  • IM B41 Clearwell eDiscovery Customer Panel (part of eDiscovery Day on Monday)

Vision will be a great conference this year, so we look forward to seeing everybody there!   If you haven’t already done so, please make sure you use the online scheduler tool to sign up for various sessions and labs as some are already fully subscribed. ...

Stephanie Guaman | 03 Nov 2011 | 0 comments

Please take a second to take our poll.


-Stephanie on behalf of the Symantec Education team

StephenConnolly | 14 Oct 2011 | 0 comments

In line with best practice at the end of September 2011 the EV team deployed a renewed code signing certificate used for digitally signing files. The new certificate's trusted root may not present in the list of trusted root certificates of your Windows Server. In most cases Windows is able to automatically download and update the missing trusted root certificate without user intervention, but if your system is on a segregated network with no access to the DMZ or the automatic certificate update mechanism is disabled you may experience problems when validating signed files on the target system.

In most cases the problem is no worse than that you will get an error 'The issuer of this certificate could not be found' when you inspect the digital signature of the signed file and view the corresponsing certificate's Certification Path.

In the case of the FSA Agent the problem is worse, as the installation will fail on x64 systems when it attempts...

TonySterling | 15 Apr 2011 | 0 comments

It seems like EVDC is picking up pace and since more and more customers are deploying I have been writing some articles about it and how to use it.

Please give them a read, they can be found here:

Also, if...

Kristi Davis | 14 Apr 2011 | 20 comments

The following "New" Enterprise Vault 10.0 eLearning modules are now available on the Enterprise Vault Tech Center.

(The following modules were added recently)

Removing an Exchange Server from Enterprise Vault
This video shows how to remove an Exchange Server that you no longer want Enterprise Vault to archive. For the text version of this process refer to

Enterprise Vault 10.0.3: Exchange 2013 Support
This module covers how Enterprise Vault supports new releases from Microsoft, including —Exchange 2013 and —The new Enterprise Vault Office Mail App.

Enterprise Vault 10.0.3: Vault Cache Diagnostics
This module discusses the new reports available to monitor Vault Cache synchronization in the...