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EC at TW | 14 Feb 2014 | 3 comments

I had trouble archiving 2 large (133 and 149 MB) messages from an Exchange mailbox, no errors in the Event Logs and all other messages archived without issue, dtrace snippet (further log attached) showed errors as below:

CArchivingAgent::MakeItemPendingAndProcessMsg - Com Result [0x80004005]

CArchivingAgent::WriteWorkItemsToQueue - At Default Handler with Error code [0x80004005]

After investigation the cause of the issue was the the MaxReceiveSize and MaxSendSize configured on the Exchange 2010 transport servers. The transport settings are change controlled but setting a higher value at the mailbox level allowed the messages to be archived.

Check the MaxMessageSizeToArchiveMB value in the VAC first.

KarlW | 25 Feb 2011 | 2 comments

So I just took a look at mailbox auditing in Exchange Server 2010, that reminded me of another question I was asked internally based on litigation hold and couldn't find it documented anywhere.  For those who aren't sure what this is a quick trip to TechNet ( should clear things up.

So you've read that and understand the difference between Deletions, Purges and Versions.  So you pop a user on litigation hold using the following command:

Set-Mailbox -Identity "Karl Woodrow" -LitigationHoldEnabled $true

Litigation hold command

The problem is that now EV is running and archiving from the mailbox the Discovery search is littered with Deletes and Versions caused by the archiving task.  You decide that this...

KarlW | 25 Feb 2011 | 1 comment

A while back I saw a question asking if Enterprise Vault (EV) could archive audit information for an Exchange 2010 mailbox.  It was a feature I wasn't too familiar with but knowing the Audit folder was located under the Recoverable Items folder I could safely answer no.  However I wanted to know more about the feature and what impact EV would have - and I've finally had time to take a look into it.

Mailbox Audit Logging is a feature that can record User actions on a user mailbox.  When enabling auditing you can validate specific actions that should be logged and what logon type.  Actions can be audited for Administrators, Delegates and the owner of the mailbox (by default when auditing is enabled no Owner actions are captured).  Obviously 'Administrators' stood out for me and I wondered what this meant for EV.

Let's take a walk through auditing a mailbox enabled for Archiving in EV.

Enabling a mailbox for auditing...